Tips for Saving Money on Your Wedding

It’s time to get creative and save money on your wedding. Here are some practical tips to have a great wedding without spending a fortune:

  • Budget first, shop second. Many brides-to-be make a list of all of the fabulous things they want at their wedding and then look to see how much it will cost. Try a backwards approach which is to first settle on a budget for the wedding and then begin to shop around and plan.
  • Invite fewer guests. Guests are a huge expense in a wedding. And unless you’re friends with mafia members likely to hand you envelopes full of cash as a gift, you’ll probably save money by shaving off a few of the “bubble” attendants to your wedding.
  • Opt for cheaper flowers. You can save a bundle on wedding flowers by asking your florist to prepare you cheaper arrangements. By using flowers such as carnations instead of roses, savings add up fast. This is especially useful for ceremony arrangements that most guests never get close enough to inspect anyway. You can also consider creating your own flower arrangements to save even more.
  • Get a small cake. A large wedding cake can be a pretty unnecessary wedding expense. Most guests spend very little time appreciating the cake anyway since by that point in the proceedings people are usually too caught up with each other socially. A small cake for decoration with sheet cakes used to serve guests can suffice.
  • Avoid Saturday. Save substantially on multiple wedding costs including venue rental and vendor services by getting married on a Friday evening or a Sunday instead of a Saturday when prices are higher due to demand.
  • Make your own table centerpieces. The really crafty among you can dazzle guests with home-made centerpieces that will not only be cheaper but also make your wedding more of a personal occasion.
  • Ask yourself if it’s worth it. Most wedding expenses are done out of obligation. But your wedding is your wedding. It can be whatever you want to make of it. Ask yourself if each expense is really worth it before forking over the cash. Your special day should be how you want it.
  • By used. See how much of your wedding expenses can be purchased used. Little things like cake toppers and bulk party favors may be available in an online auction for next to nothing. If you can save even a little, then you should go for it.
  • Ask for email RSVP. You can save on postage by asking guests to simply inform you by phone or email if they will be attending. Snail mail is growing more archaic by the minute. Join the trend of email RSVP weddings.
  • Use a DJ. Generally speaking, a DJ will cost about half that of live band entertainment. This is a no-brainer for frugal wedding planners.
  • Be honest with vendors. You don’t have to try to hide your intentions to have a cheap wedding from caterers, florists and the like. They want your business whether you’re on a tight budget or not. Just be upfront with them and ask for their cheapest offerings.
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How Much Time Does it Take to Plan an Inexpensive Wedding?

If you are planning on organizing an inexpensive wedding, you may be wondering how much time you need to leave yourself to plan for the big day. The answer? 154 days. Exactly 154 days. Good luck and thanks for reading!

In all seriousness, the answer, of course, is that it depends! Some can throw together a wedding comfortably in four months. Some suggest leaving yourself a six month window so as not to feel rushed. Still others will say that if you give yourself a year you’ll have more time to bargain hunt the best deals for your budget wedding. It’s all a matter of how organized you are and how much help you are getting. Try to plan a wedding completely by yourself and you may find that all the time in the world isn’t enough!

To figure out the time needed to plan a cheap wedding, it is wise to first agree with your spouse on a list of wants/needs for your wedding and agree on a realistic budget to achieve it. Don’t focus too much yet on how to minimize costs. Just throw down everything you want for your wedding on paper and try to come up with some realistic estimates of how much everything will cost.

Next, decide on the number of people you plan to invite to your wedding. This is a key bit of information you want to determine in the early stages of the wedding planning process before your proceed with booking a venue. Once you have your list of needs and estimated guests, start planning your inexpensive wedding by looking around to see how you can get what you want for even cheaper. You can solicit ideas from a crafty aunt who might know some ways to cut corners on costs. Maintain a to-do list throughout the wedding planning process to stay ahead of the curve on what needs to be done before the big day.

In some ways, planning an inexpensive wedding actually takes more time than planning one with all the frills. Anyone willing to max out their credit cards without a care in the world can throw together a great wedding rather quickly; there will always be someone nearby willing to take a nice chunk of your money to give you what you want in a hurry. But to plan a truly inexpensive wedding, time is your best asset. By not hurrying yourself, you get to enjoy the luxury of shopping around for accommodations that fit your budget.

The best tip to carry with you as you plan your inexpensive wedding is to stay flexible. By keeping an open mind about venue, date, and nearly everything else, you can heighten your chances of slipping into a great deal for your big day. Keep all options on the table. With enough time and consideration, you can plan a fantastic and affordable wedding that you and your guests will never forget.

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