Negotiate Wedding Photography Costs

Wedding photography costs giving you a weird feeling in the middle of your stomach? If you are on a tight budget, things you can spend upwards of 40% of your total wedding costs on your precious memories. There are ways to fight this if you can learn to wheel and deal a little. Don’t be afraid. All they can say is no.

A well known tactic is to have only the wedding ceremony shot by the professional photographer and have the reception photographs taken by your guests. Put disposable cameras on some of the reception tables and instruct your guests to take pictures at will.

Consider putting the wedding album together yourself, if the album is not already included in the photographer’s shooting fee.

Would the wedding photographer sell you the negatives? It is very unlikely, but if they do, you might be in for a good deal. Reprint the photographs yourself and save a huge bundle.

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Inexpensive Wedding Attire

Wedding dresses are expensive enough without adding the costs of the alterations, headpiece, veil, shoes and gloves among other things. Don’t be dumbfounded when the bill is an extra $300 to $1000 dollar increase over the dress itself. If you like paying more for those accessories then you are in the wrong place. Here are some ways to keep more paper in your purse.

The cost of your alterations can range from $80 to $600 dollars. That’s right, $600!. (Whew..Some wedding dresses cost less than that themselves!) One way to save money is hire a seamstress that does not work in a boutique. They are usually a little less expensive. Can’t find one? Ask members of the place you worship or ask other wedding vendors like the ceremony site staff if they know any local independent tailors.

Headpiece and Veil
Make it yourself. Just make sure it won’t come apart during the wedding ceremony and you’ll be fine. Some bridal shops actually will give you a free or reduced cost veil or headpiece with the purchase of your wedding dress.

Don’t splurge on this one. Just make sure they are comfortable so you’ll have a pleasant look on your face when your pictures are taken! If you can find one at a regular department store, you could save a few pennies.

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