Do-it-yourself Wedding – Part I

If you have zero time and no creative knack, this advice will do you no good. If you have a little time and can follow directions well, you can read along. Most of the time, it is well worth the cost of learning a little something to save a lot. For example, you could arrange your own centerpieces. If you can buy the flower arrangement material at a discount – bulk purchase it can cut costs almost in half. The major cost will be your time, instead of paying a decorator for their time. As a rule of thumb, look for things that carry a low materials to cost ratio. For example a lot of times it costs 2 to 10 times more to pay a mechanic to repair your car than what the replacement part costs in and of itself. You are paying for his knowledge and his time. This is the same in any industry including the wedding industry.

As implied above, one major cost of any wedding is the flowers and decor. Paying a few dollars for a do-it-yourself book is more than worth the investment. If you want to be really cheap, you can go to your local library and try to find a wedding decoration book. Some craft stores have pamphlets that show you step by step the way to put together a particular arrangement.

Next time we will down to the nitty grityy on how to arrange flowers for your reception and some instructions on particular arrangements

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