Wedding Dress Auctions

Wedding dress and auction may not sound it goes together. I mean, who would want to buy something so elegant and formal from an old dirty auction?

Ebay, a well known auction website, has a significant number of wedding dress shops in its Ebaystores section. Some sell excluisvely online while others also have a brick and mortar store. The prices are usually way below prices that you find in the bridal shop. They are usually all new and have just quality just as good as any bridal shop’s. A lot of times you can find a good number of designer knock-offs too. The down side is that you would not have the opportunity to try them on before you buy. The best thing you can do is orderwedding dresses that are known to look good on your body type . You can also go to a bridal shop and try a similar dress on. :) Don’t tell them I told you that. The other down side is that you have more risk at an online store. This is especially true when it comes to Ebay. Here are some ways to minimize the risk:

  • Only buy from a online store that allows shipping insurance
  • Make sure the online store is in the same country that you live in. It may be harder or impossible to legally dispute something when the seller lives outside of your country.
  • Make sure that they have Paypal Buyer Protection (if you are using PayPal)
  • Read the seller’s feedback. Does it sound real?
  • Has the store been online more than six months. Yeah yeah, I know there are a number of good Ebay Stores that are brand new, but give me this one please.
  • Always allow the seller more time to send the dress. You never know what could happen.

There also are always brides who may auction off their wedding dress for deeply discounted prices. Buying something from individual brides can be even more risky. If you want to go the super cheap route, this is the way to go. But, did I mention it is the riskiest in my opinion? Why? An individual seller doesn’t have its name on the line like an online store does. An online store also has more experience in selling a particular item. They know what goes with what and can give suggestions on what or what not to buy.

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Sponsored Weddings

Could it be that you can get a 20,000 dollar wedding while paying less than half of the amount? Wedding costs are soaring so brides are finding ways to pay less. Some wedding vendors will sponsor a wedding in exchange for exposure at the bride’s wedding. I myself am building a website for a wedding coordinator to offset some of the cost. I also am allowing my wedding decorator to set up a table at my wedding with her cards and brochures. Some brides may become afraid when asking about sponsoring a wedding, but it never hurts to try. Tell them that you would allow them some publicity at your wedding and see what ideas that they might come up with. I even heard of a bride doing some accounting work in exchange for a reduced priced on her floral arrangements. Of course, they can’t sponsor every wedding, but you never know until you try. Look for something they may need, or even ask them. You could ask them if you can get something for referrals. It may not come in the form of extra cash, it may come in the form of them throwning in extras like a few more pictures or a few more wedding coordinating services. Every little bit helps.

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