Wedding Videos the Cheap Way

A wedding video on the cheap is pretty easy to do. You can have a friend with a video camera tape it for you, you can hire an amatuer to do it inexpensively or you can even rent professional equipement and have someone who is experienced shoot it for you. Be aware that it almost never comes out as good as a professional’s would. You are better off getting a professional to do it, if you can afford it. Remember that you are paying for editing and picture quality. Either way you go, there are some things you can do to make your videos come out a little better.

  • Make sure that they have an extra battery for the camera and that the one that is in the camera has a full charge (they should know this anyway if they are a professional!)
  • Make sure they do a walk-through of the wedding site after its decorated in order to get a clear picture of where they should set up and where they should stand for different shots (A good sign of a professional)
  • Have someone point out who the important people in your family are so they can include them in the wedding footage and comments
  • Get everything in writing including editing services, the date, the time and the location
  • Ask who will be shooting your wedding and meet them face to face. If you are highly uncomfortable with the person, it will show in your pictures no matter how good the photographer is.
  • Pay attention to the sample tapes. Look at the lighting, audio and editing. Does it look like its 9 pm on a sunny day? Be aware.
  • Check references. Sometimes they show you only their best tapes (as anyone would). It is up to you to check the references.
  • Give the videographer as much information as possible about your wedding ceremony and reception format. Tell him or her as much as possible about what parts are important to you. A lack of communication can be a culprit when it comes to disappointed brides.


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