Potluck Receptions

Receptions, as you might have already figured out, are pretty much one of the most expensive aspects of your wedding day. Hiring caterers from an upscale establishment is not always an option, although it would be nice :) . Some brides have confessed that they don’t want to “squander” their money by feeding a bunch of greedy individuals. But isn’t that a little harsh? Come on now. Greedy?

How about a potluck reception? You could ask each family to bring a plate of food in lieu of a traditional gift. It would be their gift to you. You are a good candidate for this option if you have more kitchen appliances than you can shake a stick at. You are also a good candidate for this option if your wedding expenses kinda caught you off gaurd. Dont’ worry, many brides go through it.

You could arrange for a potluck reception by first planning your wedding menu with relatively simple-to-prepare food. Then you should call your guests to see who could prepare what. One person may not be able to make meatballs, but could make a mean spinach dip. This entails going back to the reception menu to make a few changes here and there, but it is all worth it. The savings would be a godsend.

If you are worried about looking odd for asking your guests to bring a plate, don’t! It is your wedding. If they hate it so much, they don’t have to be there. It is one less mouth to feed. :)

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