Tips For Printing Your Own Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitation wording varies with who is sending them out. The good thing about printing them yourself is that you can split them up into different wordings without the added cost. The down side is that you will not have the raised lettering effect that comes with getting them from a professional printer.
Choose Your Invitation Wordings

In my case, I used the wordings for when the bride and groom are sending out invitations. Here is an example:

The pleasure of your presence

is requested on the marriage of

Angel Paxton


Dan Smith

on Saturday, the 15th of July

two thousand six

at one o’clock in the afternoon

Eventfuls Banquet Center

13840 Newberry Road

Gainesville, Florida

Reception immediately

following ceremony

Eventfuls Banquet Center

Usually one would write “The honour of your presence” instead of “The pleasure of your presence” . This is because honour is used when the wedding is held in a church and pleasure is used for other venues. Nevertheless, it is your wedding and you should do what you like.
Download the Invitation Template

You can go to and download templates that go with MS Word. In my case I use OpenOffice (free) instead of MS Word. It works fine in both. You can even edit the template on the website and print them from there. I decided to go with printing them from my computer instead of the website, because I am more familiar with my word processing software, than I am uprint’s online software.

double heart wedding invitation

I used the double heart platinum invitation stock from Gartner Studios. I believe most invitation stock will work with it though. I used the font, Monotype Corsiva, on our names and used the font, Vianta, on the rest of the invitation. Do not decrease the spacing at the top, because you will end up printing over the double hearts.

It is good to highlight the wording line by line and change and omit according to how you want it to read. It may be time consuming, but it minimizes the risk that you will change how the page formatting. A quicker way is to highlight the all the wording and start pecking away, but be careful.

This is the template I downloaded from for the doubleheart plantinum invitation kit.

invitations template

This is the customized version of the template:


Again, these are the changes I made:

  • I changed the font of our names to Monotype Corsiva
  • I changed the font of the rest of the invitation to Vianta
  • I changed the font size of our names to 24
  • I changed the font size of the rest of the invitation to 14
  • I added a flower graphic at the bottom
  • I bolded our names
  • I “un-bolded” the rest of the wording

There are other things you can do to like printing your words on sheer vellum paper and attaching it to the invitation with ribbon. But more on that later..:)

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