Cheap Tuxedo Rentals

tuxedo purple vest

Renting a tuxedo is inexpensive in comparison to the attire that the bride has to buy. You men can be in for a little surprise, though. Tuxedo rentals can cost just as much as a wedding dress rental if your wife-to-be wants to go the fancy route. If you are trying to save some l dimes, it is better to not even look at the high-end options when searching for a tuxedo to rent no matter what store you go in. Here are a few tips to help you and your groomsmen to walk away laughing at your poor fiance and bridesmaids.

  • Comparison shop. It sounds simple, but some people tend to believe that there is not much difference between one store and the next when it comes to renting tuxedos. There is darling. There is. Which brings me to my next tip
  • When comparison shopping, if there is a store that you like a little better than the next, and the next one has a cheaper price, tell the first one about it. It is a good chance that they will try to match the price of the second shop.
  • Some stores like David’s Bridal are sister stores for shops like After Hours formal wear. You can find special savings for your whole wedding party when all of you shop at these family of stores
  • Many stores offer a free tux rental for the groom when 5 or more men are in the wedding party. You can include your father and/or father-in-law to get that extra man, if you need it.


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Belated Honeymoons

Jamaica beach

A dream honeymoon.
Relaxing on a hammock
on the beautiful white sands
of the Jamaican coast.
That dream can stop short, unfortunately…

Honeymoon budget tight? Well you are not alone on that one. Most brides underestimate the costs of their wedding. When I say underestimate, it can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars off the mark. Unless you get a little help from daddy, your honeymoon expenses could be a little too much for you. These days, brides and grooms are paying their own way for various reasons. So unless you are willing to..let’s say uh.. humble yourself. You may have to come up with another way.

Why not try going on a short, but nice honeymoon now, then a luxurious one later. The advantage of taking a belated honeymoon is that you can be more flexible. More flexibility equals more savings when it comes to travel. Try to pick the off-season for where you will be traveling. The off-season for most places tend to be in the fall before December 15th, excluding Thanksgiving.

Do your research. You could find up to 50% discounts on resorts just by changing your arrival date from one week to the next. You have the advantage of flexibility, remember? Use it!


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Filed under: Honeymoons — vicky at 8:39 am on Monday, September 25, 2006