Honeymoon Savings for the Procrastinator


Plan your honeymoon ahead of time they say. It is the only way to get the best deals. Well its true and not true. If you are the picky and inflexible type, then yes, the above rule applies. And you know who you are! I mean, must you only book the arrival time of lowest humidity so you hair won’t get all poofy?

On the other hand, if you are flexible and the adventurous type, you can find great deals for your honeymoon getaway. A lot of these discounts require you to leave at odd times of the day or week. This is also great for the last-minute types who tend to have trouble deciding on anything. You last-minuters seem to be more flexible so it works out great. Finally, there is an advantage to being a flexible procrastinator! But don’t procrastinate too much though. You should at least start looking two months ahead of time. Yes, sometimes you can find something for the next day, but don’t count on it.

Here are few websites that you peek at for your last-minute planning:

Those above are a good place to start. Happy Huntin’ !


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5 Wacky Ways to Save on Your Wedding Dress

You are not a spoiled diva, so why should you have to shell out hundreds of dollars for that perfect wedding dress, right? This is what you should do if you are crazy enough:

  • Have your wedding in your birthday suit. Yes, you can do this. Aren’t there beaches that allow for this type of thing? Between you and your wedding party, you could save thousands! Why not do it as a sign of protest against the overly sensitive clothed people in the world by having the wedding in the church! Just do not blame me when lightning strikes you. :)
  • Borrow a nice white prom dress from a department store, keep the tag on and then take it back. You usually cannot return a dress from the regular bridal shop, so you would have to get some type of prom dress instead from the department store.

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    Filed under: Humor — vicky at 4:42 pm on Sunday, September 17, 2006