Wedding Florists : What to Look For

Every bride wants her wedding hall to look glorious and some will search high and low to find the perfect wedding decorator who will make her dreams a reality. If you have the time, skill and patience to do some or all of the decoration on your own, then go for it, otherwise you better mean business if you are going to find the “perfect” florist. You want to get good quality service for the money that you spend.

How to Hire the Perfect Decorator

OK, I know that no one is perfect and no decorator is 100% perfect all the time, but you at least need one that cares a great deal about her work and the brides she services. Let’s look at the steps you should take before making the final decision

  1. Check with the Better Business Bureau before making an appointment with any wedding vendor. Now, just because they receive a complaint does not mean that they give shoddy service, it may have been a misunderstanding or an honest to goodness mistake. We all make them. On the other hand, if you see repeated complaints you may want to look elsewhere. (A note about the Better Business Bureau: The BBB is not a good gauge for determining whether a company treats their customers with respect. The BBB doesn’t always report when one of its members has a questionable reputation. What you can tell is if the company’s rep is horrible. If they are a member of the BBB and they have a bad rep, then it is a very good chance that company does not deliver.)
  2. Check them out on This is website that allows customers to post full detailed complaints into a searchable database. The companies are allowed to post a response or explanation to the alleged problems. Again, one or two complaints is not means for dismissal. It is the repeat offenders that you are looking out for.
  3. Ask, “Do I pay for the first consultation?” Don’t just assume that it is free.
  4. How much is the deposit. “Can we go over details before I give you a deposit?”
  5. Ask for references. With any wedding vendor, this is of vital importance. The question is how do you know that these reference are not fake? You can get a feel of which references are real or fake by asking the former brides a few good questions like..
    1. Tell me something you feel could have been done better by Dazzling Flowers and Balloons.
    2. Did they ask you if you were satisfied with the decor the day before the wedding?
    3. May I see your pictures? (Make sure they show you a little more than 1 or 2.)
  6. Ask to see an actual sample of their work. Nothing is better than seeing the real thing. The next best thing is to see pictures of their actual work, not something out of a magazine.
  7. If you are using silk flowers, ask to see some of them. What condition are they in? Do they look dry, dusty or torn?
  8. Take a look at the contract….
    1. The contract should state what items are being used in the decor and their individual prices. It should state whether the flowers are silk, dried or real, what rental items are being used such as arches, candle stands and columns. If you can, ask her to put down what the condition of the equipment and any resolutions if the item’s condition is not up to par.
    2. How far in advance will you set- up the wedding decor
    3. The refund/cancellation policy
    4. Set-up and take-down fees (if any)
    5. Actual time of set-up. Try to get them to do it the day before
  9. Make sure that they take a look at the wedding and reception site before giving you price quotes
  10. Ask the florist if you can attend one of the wedding sites during set-up. Be sure to kinda stay out of the way though.


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