8 No-Nonsense Affordable Wedding Ideas

Inexpensive weddings that still make wonderful memories are not always easy to do. See, I could sum up every piece of advice this site gives and say..


But we all know it is not that simple for some of us. It is especially hard when it will be one of the most important days of your life. So let’s look at some common sense cheap wedding ideas that will make life a little easier..I mean inexpensive

  1. Prioritize- What is more important to you as far as where the money goes in the planning of your wedding? Hiring a top quality wedding photographer, your wedding dress, the wedding venue. Write down what is important to you in order from greatest to smallest. This will prepare you for the next step..
  2. Make a wedding planning budget
    • No, I am not about to follow it with what I said above. I am going to follow it with, and make it realistic. What do I mean by “realistic?”. Most brides spend more than they budget for to get the wedding that they have imagined in their heads. On the other hand, some brides have less money to spend than they would’ve hoped for. So how do you avoid the above scenarios?
    • Try to account for everything you are going to need down to the cost of napkins and rosepetals. Those small things may seem trivial, but they often add up to a significant amount of money for those of us who are not on a unrestricted budget. Step 1, making priorities, will help you decide where to shift most of the money
    • Even after you have done this, add a good 15 to 25% to to the overall cost calculation. It may seem like a lot, but it is better safe than sorry and it gives you a little wiggle room for those unforeseen situations that may come up.
  3. Make a everyday life budget – Although you are getting married, don’t forget that you still need money to pay the light bill. We brides often get so caught up in our dream wedding fantasies that we forget that real life is still going on. So make a real-life, phone-bill-paying budget. I have known brides to things like go a few weeks without going out to eat, do their own manicures at home and shop for everyday clothes at discount stores in order to save money for their dream wedding. An author by the name of Dave Ramsey has some good books on this
  4. Open a bank account just for wedding expenses. This may seem insignificant but it does two things. It keeps accounting easier- You won’t mistakingly believe you have more money to spend on the wedding than you really have. And I personally believe it psychologically helps you to face that at times that you have only X amount of dollars left to spend on the wedding
  5. When paying for products and services on the wedding, only use the bank account you’ve set up for it. No playing tricks on yourself. Doing so keeps you from forgetting to account for that X amount of dollars you took for the main bank account to pay for odds and ends. Also, try to use a credit/debit card or check when you do it instead of cash because cash has no name and it is easy to “forget” what you spent it on
  6. For those not-so-important items, either do-it-yourself or recruit friends or family to do it. Just make sure they are not lonely and jealous! :) For example, you can print your own programs or invitations, you can make some of the food for the reception, you can have friends play or sing at the wedding. Just remember no jealous hags. Just kidding. Or am I?
  7. Have your wedding on a Friday or on the off-season. The off-season varies a little by region but it is generally in the fall and winter months. Having your wedding on Friday may help you get deals and discounts for wedding and receptions venues. Even some local photographers may hook you up a deal.
  8. Too may cooks spoil the broth and too many wedding planners spoil the march. Don’t get so hung up over other people’s opinions that you end up spending you future children’s college fund to plan your wonderful day

This is your day


For weddings inexpensive yet elegant. Cheap wedding ideas for the busy bride on a budget

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