Getting Deals on Wedding Rings

While many people think of huge dollar amounts when it comes to rings, there are ways to make the shopping process more pleasant and affordable. You have a budget and if it doesn’t allow you to splurge as much as you would want to, relax. Accept your financial situation and remember that you can make up for it later on. Remember that you have many other expenses to think about—the wedding dress, tuxedo rental, flowers, and much more. Plus, your new life is around the corner; this spells more expenses. The wedding ring is a symbol of your commitment. It doesn’t have to be flashy if your bank account is less than flashy. You can always replace or exchange the ring, but you cannot replace or exchange the feelings involved. Follow our tips to find affordable wedding rings.

Before heading to the jewelry stores, make sure you do your research. Think about the style you want. Do you want a large ring or a thin one? Do you want a shiny or matte finish? Check out jewelry ads and catalogues for more insight on what’s out there. The Internet is always a great resource. Once you get to a store, the salespeople might play their part and send you home with a more expensive ring than you had originally planned to purchase; therefore, know what you want beforehand. Also, remember that you and your partner do not necessarily need to buy rings that match. Be open and confident as you make this purchase.

Further, be aware of your budget and do not stray from it, regardless of the temptations that lurk around you. It’s always nice to have an impressive ring from a big name jewelry designer, but the price tag on this type of item is not always nice. Once again, don’t let your budget slip away from your mind.

Concerning the metals, gold and titanium are your choices. If silver or another metal is your favorite, then go with it. The advantage of gold is that you can have it resized easily—this is not the case for titanium. Its disadvantage, on the other hand, is that it can discolor and change more rapidly than other metals. Gold can be modified and fixed, however. Another option you have, if gold is your metal of choice, is to take gold pieces you own (in the form of jewelry, coins, or bars) and have them melted down and transformed into rings. This is a fabulous idea if you want wedding rings that won’t break the bank.

When you go to a jewelry store, choose a factory outlet store or a chain store at the mall. Stay away from smaller jewelry boutiques, as these venues tend to be very expensive. Comparison-shop before you make the buy. Take a notebook and pen with you and jot down store names, wedding rings you like, and the prices. Further, try on as many rings as you like. Don’t show your love for a certain ring to the salespeople as they are experts in getting you to spend money. If it looks like you are in love with a certain item, you probably won’t have any bargaining space.

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Inexpensive Submerged Floral Centerpieces

If cutting costs is your priority for your wedding, you will be happy to know that you can definitely make some changes in the floral centerpiece department. Let’s face it—flowers can be quite expensive when it comes to wedding decorations. The truth is that they do add a certain style and charm to the big day. They are ultimately, in most people’s opinions, an important part of the day. The good news is that you can have submerged floral centerpieces that will decorate the reception hall, look fabulous and modern, and help you save some money.

These centerpieces look bold and beautiful—just like most brides like them, and they cost a fraction of the price of standard centerpieces. Just take a moment to think about the number of individual flowers that make a large centerpiece. Then, take that number and multiply it with eight or more tables and you will get a huge amount that will make you spend a fortune. You may love the standard centerpieces. Yes, they do look quite stunning; but give these submerged floral centerpieces a chance and you will be surprised.

So, what are they all about? Well, first of all, these unique centerpieces consist of cylindrical vases, water, and flowers, at a minimum. The florist fills the tall cylindrical vases with water and then submerges the flowers in them. These look striking and the best part for the bride on the budget is that only a few flowers fill the vase. You do not need to purchase tons of flowers and fillers. Many different kinds of flowers do well in these centerpieces. You can use amaryllis, tulips, orchids and more—depending on what your budget permits. When it comes to color, this arrangement works best with monochromatic color schemes. It will look clean and modern when it’s done in a single color scheme.

Depending on your budget and style, you can also add creative details. If you have some money to spend, you can have a few cylinders in different heights on each table. You can use the same type of flower in each cylindrical vase, or you can use different types. Regardless of the flower, it is still best to stick to one color palette. Further, you can choose to add other decorative details to the vase. Flowers and water do not need to be the only contents. These inexpensive wedding centerpieces also work well with pebbles added to the bottoms. This would create a “Zen” look. They would also work well with other crystal and pearl-like details instead of stones. Another option would be to float candles in the water. Therefore, you have several ways to enhance your submerged floral centerpieces. Use your creativity and make sure these arrangements fit your personal style.

The great thing about these wedding centerpieces is that they might be cheap, but they look quite expensive. They fill up a table and room. They will be the topic of conversation as your guests sit around their tables. This affordable wedding trend is bound to be a hit for years to come.

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