Saving a Little on the Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is obviously an extremely iconic and essential component to dazzle and delight the guests at your wedding reception. While you want it to be spectacular as it should be, it doesn’t necessarily need to cost a fortune to make it truly amazing to look at and equally as amazing to taste. Ingenuity is the key and going beyond the confines of conventional and mundane wedding cake thinking is one way to truly impress your guests while saving some money in the process.

One way you can go about it that is a more modern trend of wedding cake design is to have a cake that isn’t actually a cake at all. An elegantly ornate and elaborate multi-tiered pastry sculpture can be an amazing centerpiece and is one modern approach to overcoming any boredom associated with the standard norm. If done properly it will be sure to go beyond your guests expectations and impress them with your sense of innovative style.

Simplicity is another truly elegant approach to wedding cake design which can save a lot on production costs. Chic cakes don’t need to have dozens of gaudy flowers all over them and usually don’t. Spartan style and design is truly elegant and using it throughout your entire wedding design can be a very effective way to maintain the budget while doing something truly stylish. The key is a minimal and white with occasional strong splashes of one or two colors. This keeps it formal while having a dazzling accent to delight the senses. It also makes it very easy to draw the eye where you would most like your guests to look.

One more way you can, perhaps surprisingly, get more out of a wedding cake is to make it square instead of round. While it may sound illogical, you can get a higher quantity of slices from a square cake than from a round cake of the same size and cost. A multi-tiered square cake is arguably just as beautiful as a multi-tiered round cake and some may even prefer its overall design. So why not go for the extra slices while maintaining the same cake budget?

Another thing to definitely look into is inquiring with your catering service to see if they can do the cake in addition to the dinner and so on. You will likely save a lot on the cake this way as it will be a package deal and something your caterer is probably well equipped to handle already. Another perk to this is that you don’t have to worry about transporting the cake from the bakery. 

As a last resort, you may consider shaving down the guest list just a little, as it is an easy way to lower costs in general. While this is not generally advisable, it is better to have a high impact and spectacular wedding with those close to you rather than inviting those who are only acquaintances to a wedding that is stretching the budget.

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2009 Wedding Dresses

Hot, Hot, Hot. That is the theme for this years gown designs. Short dresses are even being seen walking the wedding designer runway.

The number one dress pick for the Spring season is a strapless one piece, form-fitting, with V-neck lace exposure and a body hugging full length contour. The thick material used on the full length leg covering, skirt mimicking design is gently embraced with a pouting layer of secondary lace. It floats along with the skirt and follows all 8 feet of the train. The only embellishments are found on the burgundy belt design. There is a 4 inch thick hip hugging ‘belt’ that is sewn into the design to make the dress resemble a two piece outfit. This burgundy belt is kissed with 4 large, tear shaped faux diamonds that add an amazing amount of creation to the dress.

The idea of 2009 dresses is one extreme or another. Either body hugging long gowns, or corset design tops with flared skirt bases. The in between designs are given a sectional look with obvious layers and escalating fabrics.

The body hugging designs are given a cute, quick bottom flare from the knee’s down. Mostly strapless designs to flatter the shoulders and veils caressing the entire back.

Flared dresses are accentuated by the unique flare flowing from the waist down to the floor. All attention is drawn to the incredibly designed flare immediately. The top is a body forming, spaghetti strapped tank design. It is accented by a second layer of lace material and glistens with shimmer from tiny beadwork covering the entire front and back. The flare of the skirt base expands six full feet from side to side, guaranteeing that the bride will be the spotlight.

The tiering dresses are an array of individualism. These dresses usually begin with a base layer of crinkled lace fabric which is exposed in the front of the skirt base. Then a second layer is formed in a wrapping sequence running diagonally from the back of the skirt, and forming up and into the design of dresses top. Layers of exquisite beadwork are formed in flowing diagonal layers from base to top. This design can be flattering with or without straps.

A secondary design is the half sleeve look. This includes a strapped dress with shoulders exposed, but lace sleeves extending from the shoulder cut and attached to the side of the usually strapless dress design. The sleeves extend down to the elbow or wrist and generally have slits coming from the bottom section of sleeve.

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Filed under: Wedding Dresses — vicky at 3:26 pm on Friday, June 5, 2009