Ultra Modern Wedding Ideas

Are you a major aficionado of the spectacularly exotic and cutting edge of modern fashion, style, and technology? Do the latest innovations in design and science inspire you to take your wedding planning endeavor to another level entirely? Whether you and your significant other have a background in science or technology and want to truly impress your wedding guests with a show of innovation, or you are just in tune with the future of fashion and style years before the rest of the world and want to be a part of designing that future, this is an article for you.

Why have ordinary flower bouquets at your wedding when you can have bouquets that will actually respond to your wedding guests or the changes in lighting? Why have an ordinary carpet leading to the altar when you can have an enhanced carpet which sends out a soft pulse of light with each step of the bride’s feet? Why have fountains made of water when you can have fountains made of magnetic fluid that can be reshaped into floral displays or even messages to your guests. Imagine the guests getting to know each other while enjoying the interactive touch display surfaces on the tables at the reception. Imagine the beauty of a wedding ceremony in which the walls are actually gigantic displays playing a close-up of the bride and groom during the ceremony or a slideshow of their life together so far or even just a beautiful undulating design pattern.

This technology is, perhaps surprisingly, already available and is used in the likes of fashion shows and art exhibits. It is truly stylish and gorgeously elegant when done appropriately and should totally surpass all of the expectations of your wedding guests to a point that is so profound that they may always remember your spectacularly special wedding celebration and how lucky they were to be there.

Let’s look at some of these concepts more thoroughly.

Touch Displays
The Microsoft Surface is an interactive touch display surface that has been marketed for home and restaurant and bar or club use. Your wedding guests can touch the tables to have interactive fun with each other or possibly even order drinks.

Wall Displays
Large wall-size LED displays are becoming more and more commonly available and the price continues to drop as do production costs. It doesn’t need to be high resolution to have a nice effect. You may be surprised how inexpensive it can be if you find a college student who is excited about the idea.

Interactive Floors and Bouquets
You may want to contact a company that installs custom interactive technology in homes, such as lighting which activates when entering a room. More and more companies like this are sprouting up, especially since it is considered green to save electricity.

Magnetic Fountains
Ferro-fluids are magnetically controllable fluids that essentially will shape themselves according to the electrical charges around them. There are more and more artists working with these fluids and the results are really amazing to see.

There is no reason, aside from the possible cost, as to why these same technologies shouldn’t be a part of your amazing wedding ceremony and extravaganza!

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