Cheap Wedding Ideas

Here are some across-the-board cheap wedding ideas. Consider each of these ideas just a little bit of brainstorming to help get the ball rolling on your own cheap wedding.

Wedding Favors

  • A candle with a flower tied onto it
  • A plant (herb plant, fruit plant, whatever grows well in your area)
  • Baked goods
  • Homemade crafts/decorations


  • Have it at someone’s home
  • Buy alcohol in bulk from a price shopping club
  • Hire a technically-savvy, entrepreneurial-minded friend or nephew to be your wedding DJ
  • Plan your wedding and reception with a mother or friend; it’s more rewarding and more affordable


  • Get married on a Sunday. Venues are more affordable then
  • Shop around for a ceremony official that meets your budget
  • Split the cost of flowers with a bride from the previous day

General Tips

  • Invite fewer people. Explain that you want a small intimate wedding. People will get over it.
  • Beyond two people ready to make a commitment to one another, there are no “must-haves” at a wedding. You can get rid of anything you like, so don’t fall into the trap of feeling obligated to have certain things.
  • Save money on invitations. There is no need for going high-end on invitations. People look at them for 10 seconds and then set them aside.
  • Save money on a dress. You can cut out literally thousands in expenses by buying a cheaper dress or renting a dress. Remember, you’re only wearing it for one day.
  • Park, beach, or home weddings are all far cheaper than church or venue-hall weddings. If you can cut out building rentals, you can save piles of money.
  • Assess how much of your wedding expenses are “keeping up with the Jones’” expenses and nothing more. Spending a bunch of money on a wedding just to save face around people isn’t worth it. Anyone worth their salt as a person in your life won’t care if your wedding cost $50 or $50,000 so spend what you’re comfortable with and enjoy your day!

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