Affordable Wedding Music

Wedding cost cutting can be difficult in some areas and fairly easy in others. For example, it’s pretty tough to cut costs on invitations beyond simply settling for a budget-priced set of invitations from a wedding wholesaler. An area in which it is easy to cut wedding costs is music. There’s no reason for wedding music to cost more than a couple of hundred dollars assuming you’re not too picky.

Here are some tips on how to save money on wedding music:

Limit your ambitions

Many people love the idea of having a big, eight-piece band serenading guests at their wedding reception. While this may sound like part of a picturesque wedding, consider what your guests would actually prefer. Wedding receptions are a great opportunity for long-time friends and family to catch up with each other. A big, blaring band gets in the way of this. By aiming for something a little more quiet that allows for conversation, you’re already cutting your wedding music expenses.

Go Recorded!

Recorded music is vastly more affordable than a live band. Spend weeks creating a wedding playlist and opt to rent equipment or hire a local DJ instead. You can even ask friends to chip in ideas for fun songs to play at your wedding reception.

Employ an Up-and-Comer

Established wedding bands and DJs typically command top-of-the-market prices for their services. And while they have worked hard to justify this salary, keep in mind that those very people were once working for much cheaper as they built their way up the local wedding entertainment ladder. One way to save money on wedding music is to find someone who is working their way up the ladder and willing to work for cheap. There’s more risk with this method, sure, but college students and aspiring DJs will often provide great service for a fraction of the cost of an established pro.

No Overtime

Most wedding entertainers charge by the hour. Figure out what you’re comfortable spending and hire the entertainment for just that length of time. Most people aren’t itching to go into a 5th or 6th hour at a wedding reception. End the night in a timely manner. Anyone still wanting to party is certainly free to organize plans of their own.

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