Planning the Anti Royal Wedding

There’s much ado in the news this week about weddings. This is, of course, due to the royal wedding, err, excuse me, Royal Wedding, taking place in the UK tomorrow. And while surely hundreds of millions will tune in to find out if Kate’s dress is champagne or ivory (or will it be cream?), the fact remains that this wedding is basically the most expensive, impractical example of a wedding one can fathom. While we will all have fun watching the hoopla in the UK, here’s some advice on planning the Anti Royal Wedding to bring us back down to reality. After all, we can’t all have a wedding that costs $32 million!

Keep the Guest List Small

While the Royal Wedding is anticipated to have nearly 2,000 guests, your Anti Royal Wedding can be quite cheap by aiming for something like one one-hundredth that size of a guest list. The more people at your wedding, the more expensive catering, invitations, and decorative arrangements will be. You can save a fabulous amount of money on your wedding by keeping it a small affair with only family and your closest friends. These are, after all, the people you most want to celebrate with anyway, so why spend a ton of money inviting dozens of outliers?

Wear a Family Dress or Rent a Dress

While Kate Middleton’s dress is said to have cost around $50,000, you can again play the “divide by 100″ game when planning your Anti Royal Wedding: show you are a lady of the people by wearing an affordable dress. There are many great wedding dresses available for $500. And guess what? No one is going to be able to tell the difference between that dress and one that costs several thousand! And even if someone does notice: who cares!? It’s your wedding. This is a time of celebration, not of driving one’s self deeply into debt to keep up a false perception of wealth. Have fun and go for a cheap dress or even wear a dress that is already in your family. Look at it this way: the money you can save on the dress you’ll only wear for a few hours will contribute to a few more days on a beach for your honeymoon!

When In Doubt, Remember: It’s All Optional!

Planning a wedding and trying to fit into a certain budget can be very stressful. In these stressful times, it’s important to remember: there are no rules to weddings. Your wedding can literally be you and a handful of your closest friends cooking dinner in your house and exchanging 3 minute vows. Obviously, most couples prefer something a little more traditional, but you get the point! If you want to have a wedding but feel like you don’t have the budget for one, create a wedding that costs what you can afford! Believe it or not, your guests will probably love and be relieved to be at a wedding that doesn’t involve their friends going into debt for one afternoon of fun. Anyone worth their salt will be fully supportive of your Anti Royal Wedding!

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Saving on a Honeymoon

Honeymoons are a great way to relax and enjoy some newlywed intimacy in the wake of the stress of planning an executing a wedding. Unfortunately, honeymoons can also be very, very expensive. The best part of honeymoon expenses though are that they are totally optional. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on a honeymoon. You don’t even have to take one at all for that matter! More and more couples are choosing not to take a honeymoon or to postpone their honeymoon to some date in the future when taking a vacation makes more fiscal sense.

There are a variety of ways to save money on a honeymoon. Most of them don’t involve having to give up your dream of sitting on a tropical beach somewhere in the days following your wedding. Try these tips:

Travel Off-Season

You can save a small fortune if you visit your destination of choice in the non-peak season. For trips to the Caribbean, try going sometime in early December. Different destinations have different peak times, so do your homework and find the most affordable window to visit the destination of your choice.

Hunt for Deals

If you’re willing to invest a few hours bargain hunting for your honeymoon, you can usually come away with some great deals. Visit sites like and sign up for their email newsletters. You’ll receive an email each week with details on a seemingly too good to be true price for a vacation. But there’s no catch. The site works with resorts and airlines to put together discount packages for their readers. A good rule of thumb when it comes to traveling (or anything, really) is that retail is for suckers. Search around and find a good deal for your honeymoon. Don’t just pay the sticker price on the first resort you contact.

Look for All-Inclusive

Sometimes, not always, you can save a lot of money staying at an all-inclusive resort where your food and even drinks (alcohol included) are all part of the regular nightly rate. It’s not uncommon to find a nice four-star all-inclusive resort offering a rate of $199 a night. That’s $199 a night for both you and your spouse to enjoy beach-side accommodations with all of the food you can eat and beverages you can drink included. It’s not too good to be true: that’s really the way all-inclusive places work.

Try a Cruise

A fun and potentially very-affordable honeymoon option is to take a cruise. The benefits of a cruise is that your boarding and dining is included in the nightly rate. You just pay for added expenses like alcohol and any shore excursions, etc. A cruise is a great choice for a couple on a budget who aren’t entirely sure where they’d like to go for their honeymoon. Why choose one location when a cruise will take you to 3-5 different places? Check out information on Caribbean cruise ports to find a good deal on a cruise that departs from a drivable distance.

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