Invitations on Vellum

You can embellish your wedding invitation with vellum paper to make it look more “fancy” if you are printing your invitations.

Instead of printing on the invitation itself, you can print your words on the vellum paper, then attach to the invitation with a ribbon. After printing your words on the vellum paper, lay the vellum paper on top of the invitation, punch two holes through the invitation and the vellum paper at the top. Push the ribbon through the two holes and tie a ribbon in the front. This works well with non-folding invitations. It looks beautiful on blank invitations with border design like the double platinum invitations I talked about last week. It also looks nice on invitations that have colorful flowers that would show through when you attach the vellum paper.

You are not limited to printing words on your invitations. You could print your invitations on the cards the normal way, then print colorful designs on the vellum paper. Just make sure the designs are light enough for the text to show through. You could print your designs along the edge of the vellum paper to make sure the text will show through.

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