Printing Your Own Invitations – Printer Settings

blank_invite_heart1.jpgWedding invitations that you could print yourself are looking better than ever these days. You can customize your wording font and even add pictures! You can print out a test sheet here a test sheet there….. Before you know it, your invitations will almost look as good as the ones from the professional printer. To save you some trouble, I have a template that will go well with blank silver double heart invitations. You can download the wedding invitation template for free here.

Don’t start inking them up just yet! All the formatting has been done for you, but you have to get your printer settings just right:

  • Make sure your print quality is set to high, if not, your words will not come out looking crisp and sharp.
  • Change the page size to 5.5X8.5
  • Make sure the orientation is portrait
  • Make sure you use color or grayscale printing

Please print it out on a test sheet before you print your first batch. This test sheet may have come with your invitation kit already. It is usually made up of normal inkjet paper. If your invitation kit does not have it, you can use one of the real invitations to help you cut out a 5.5”X8.5” test sheet made from normal inkjet paper. You probably need more than one. Cut out at least 4 or 5. After you have printed out a satisfactory test sheet with the normal inkjet paper, then print out a test invitation with the real invitation paper. This needs to be done, because the ink may look different on the real invitation that it does on the test sheet. 99% of the time you will probably be OK once your test print on the normal inkjet paper are OK. The test print on the real invitation is just extra precaution.

Thats all for now. Please leave a comment if there are any issues.

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