Do-It-Yourself Heart-Themed Centerpiece Ideas

Heart-themed centerpieces are appropriate for almost any wedding, even if your decoration is not heart focused. That is what wedding are about anyway isn’t it? Two hearts joining together as one? If you decide to go with the heart-themed centerpiece, here are a few ideas you can do yourself

  • Simple but nice – Tie heart shaped balloons together with decorative bows. Throw silk rose petals underneath for an added touch. You can go to
  • Fill three cylinders of different height with water (find heart-shaped cylinders if you can). Put one heart shaped candle in each. Tie a stylish ribbon around each cylinder at the top. Place everything on top of a round mirror. Accent with one or two silk flowers on round mirror. Tip: add a tall cylinder in the middle and put a single long stem silk flower in it.
  • If you can, find a heart shaped bowl. Put gel crystals, clear gem rocks or colored gem rocks on the bottom. Fill it with water. Place heart shaped floating candles on top. You can accent it with rose shaped floating candles. Tip: Add a small amount of food color to the water if you want to be even more creative.


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