Hawaiian Style Beach Wedding Decor – Do it Yourself Tips

So you decide to have a hawaiian style beach wedding. The crash of the water, serene surroundings and the awesome ocean backdrop make it all worthwhile. Add in the perfect wedding decor and you have the picture perfect wedding. With a little help you can dress up your wedding yourself:

  • Decorate the arch with silk hawaiian lilies and greenery. Nightime tip: If you are creative, you can place lightscapes inside of each silk flower to make it look like they are giving off the light themselves.
  • Have each bridesmaid carry one longstem bird of paradise. Use a different color for each bridesmaid.
  • Line the aisle with tiki torches. Place greenery around the bottom of each torch. OR
  • Line the aisle with artificial miniature palm trees with fruit hanging from each
  • Use real or plastic hawaiian fruit as centerpieces. They include papaya, star fruit, mangos, banannas, pineapples, passion fruit and more.


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Filed under: Decoration — vicky at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, October 11, 2006