Simple Elegant Bouquet of Calla Lilies

Island bride

A simple yet beautiful bouquet, don’t you think. You can put this together yourself. Make sure you don’t cut off too much at first. You can always go back and cut off more, but you can’t put back more stem on a short flower. Wrap the ribbon around the stems several times, tie it, and you’ve got a gorgeous bouquet. The flowers are just beautiful enough to not take away from the radiance of the bride in this picture.

Tip:Calla lilies are dormant during the winter months so look for the silk flowers if you must have calla lilies during these months. And be careful that you don’t get saltwater on them (if they are real), if you are having a wedding by the beach.

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Filed under: Decoration — vicky at 8:37 pm on Wednesday, October 11, 2006