Fall Leaves Wedding Invitation Template

fall leaves wedding invitation

Cheap fall wedding invitation template for only OpenOffice.org (like Microsoft Office)
We have a new fall leaves wedding invitation template for you. The words are in Vianta font and the bride and groom’s names are in Monotype Corsiva. The font colors are a crimson brown to match the background of the fall-multi-colored leaves. The text area has the fall-leaves-background washed out so that the wording is readable. It adds a nice touch too. Here is a closeup.

cheap fall wedding invitation

How to use the template (You can use plain, 5.5” X 8.5”, white thick paper for this template.)
1. Unzip the Documents and Settings folder directly into the the C directory to preserve file structure. You should see this file structure>> Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\wedding plans\
2. OpenOffice has different applications within it like MS Office does. Choose the OpenOffice.org Writer application to open the invitation template. You should see a autumnflowers.png and a invites_autumn2.odt file under the wedding plans folder. The template file is the invites_autumn2.odt file.

4. Important! Remember to preserve the file structure. You must unzip the Documents and Settings folder into the C folder to preserve the structure.

5. Modify the document as you wish.

6. Remeber to test print on plain thin inkjet printer paper before printing on the thick invitation paper. Use a high quality printer setting. Remember to change the width and height of the printer setting to 5.5 and 8.5 respectively.
If you do not have OpenOffice.org you can get it here.

Download the invitation template here

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Note: Not for commercial use.


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