Affordable Receptions :The Garbage Can Lid vs. The China

One of the major costs of a wedding is the reception. A small part of you would like to treat everyone to hotdogs and burgers, but that just wouldn’t feel right. So what do you do?
Think about it this way. Those fancy restaurants charge $10 for soup, $10 for a salad. What makes them so special? One of the reasons I believe they can charge so much and get away with it, is their atmosphere and their presentation. Of course, the food is excellent, but would you pay so much if it were served on a garbage can lid with plastic lime green silverware as the utensils? No matter how sanitary the garbage can lid is, virtually no one would appreciate it. You think?Its all in the decoration. You can take deviled eggs, triangular cut sandwiches, drummettes, meatballs, veggies and dip and switch it from a pool party to an elegant reception. Some fancy-looking table centerpieces, lighting, food garnish and lace table cloths can make up for that sirloin steak you so dearly wanted at your reception. Sounds like the decor would cost too much? Try doing it yourself and looking through some wedding magazines and your friend’s wedding pictures as a guide. There are some do-it-yourself books out that can help you wedding decoration. Look at pictures in recipe books for ideas on food layout and presentation. Try renting those fancy dishes and silverware or selling them afterwards if you rather buy them brand new.

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Filed under: Receptions — vicky at 8:57 pm on Friday, October 21, 2005