How to Plan a Cheap Wedding Quickly

When planning a wedding it is best to have at least nine months or more to work with. That will allow you enough time to pick your wedding vendors such as your cake decorator and wedding photographer more carefully. But I know that not everyone is willing or able to wait. One of the major issues with planning a wedding in under a few months is that you do not have that many vendors available. This can force you to pay higher prices for less quality service, because the lack of availability. So what should you do? How can you plan a wedding in a short period of time and not have to pay a high price for it?

  1. Consider having your wedding on a weekday. Wedding vendors who would are not available on the Saturday you picked, may be available on a week day.
  2. Get organized. Get a notebook then write down all the tasks that you need to accomplish. Beside each task, write down its cost and who you are getting to help you with it.
  3. Knock out the higher priced items first. Once you get an estimate of what your wedding costs will be, list them from the highest to the lowest. Pick the highest one and work on that one first. For example, your highest cost will most likely be your reception. Find out what you are serving, who is serving it and who is preparing it. Find out where you are going to host the reception. Tip: If you are having your wedding in a church and they have a reception area, it would probably be better and cheaper to have it there.
  4. A word of caution about step 3. You should take into consideration the time it takes to find things. You may have to put a lower-priced item higher on the list, because it will take the most work. For example, finding a good wedding dress can take the most of your time. You also have to consider the time it takes to get it fitted correctly.
  5. Get help from as many dependable people you can find. Your mother, maid of honor, sister (if she is not the jealous type) could lend a helping hand that can not only save you thousands of dollars, but also help you plan more quickly. Did I forget to say, avoid jealous women.
  6. Assign some do-it-yourself duties for yourself or to your helpers. For example you can print out your invitations yourself or find a friend with a computer and printer to print them out for you. Target and Michaels have wedding invitation kits that price between $30 to $45 for a pack of fifty. You can even get 100% blank invitation paper and put your own designs on them, if you have graphics software.
  7. Do not over analyze anything. Once you have thought a decision through, second-guessing yourself and calling 100 people about can hurt you. Remember, you don’t have much time


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