Flower Girl Dresses – Ideas to Save Money

flowergirl walking out

Her flowergirl dress makes her look so darling doesn’t it? She is almost glowing like the morning sun after a spring rain. She doesn’t walk she glides down the aisle as she gently throws the beautiful petals. Don’t you want to buy the perfect gown for your own flower girl? One that captures her princess nature?

But your flowergirl’s dress can cost just as much as a cheap wedding dress these days. Some brides foot the bill or the parents of the flowergirl foot the bill. Either way, you’d probably want to find a way to cut costs a little, unless you have boatloads of money. Now if you have boatloads of money, save yourself the stress and just pick a good shop to buy the darling flower girl dress from. Go to the snootiest bridal shop you can find and let the wait on you hand and foot. OK? Your wedding is stressful enough.

For the rest of us poor schmucks, we may have to do a little work. One way is to go to department stores after Easter, if you are lucky enough to look around that time, and find a white dress that can also be worn as a flowergirl dress. Dillards is a good place to go. If it doesn’t look weddingly enough, you can add a sash, that has one of your wedding colors or sew tulle apron on top of the dress and put colorful rosepetals inside of it. And don’t count out bridal shops either. Some bridal shops sell used wedding attire on consignment at reduced prices. Look on Ebay or your local classifieds to find some low-cost flowergirl dresses. Do you have a relative that is skilled with a sewing machine? Ask them to help you. You can either take a plain dress and dress it up or buy some high-quality fabric and get to work. If you have already bought the flowergirl dress, sell the dress afterwards on some Ebay-like place if no one minds. Either way, it takes some work. Don’t want the work, you have to pay the price. Sorry girls. That’s life.

  • If you are buying the dress six months or more beforehand, try to get it a size larger than what the flowergirl is. Children grow and is easier to size down than to size up.
  • You have to be careful when shopping at an online auction site like Ebay. Make sure that you follow guidelines on how to protect yourself from being ripped off. Ebay has some protection for buyers, but still look at the seller’s feedback. If you don’t, it could cost you. Even then, you should look at the seller’s feedback skeptically.

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