Hiring a Wedding Photographer – Urgent Questions

Cheap wedding photographers that are good at what they do are hard to come by these days. Asking the right questions is key to choosing a good wedding photographer, although there are no guarantees. The best photographer in the world may have his or her off-days. Nevertheless, there are vital questions that can help improve your chances of choosing the right photographer:

  • Can he provide the style of wedding photography that you desire? – Before you go about shopping for the top guru, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you want a more traditional (posed for) style of photos or a more candid style? Some photographers can do both, but some are only geared toward the more “prepared for” type of shots. Ask him what his style of photography is and ask him to provide examples of previous work. Look for patterns. Does he lean to one style or the other?
  • Always ask for references!
  • How many photos does he shoot? You may not like every photo.
  • When will your photos be ready?
  • Ask to see the contract – Do they provide negatives after a certain length of time. How about after a year? It is up to you whether you want someone who provides negatives
  • Does he come to rehearsals? This has got to be the most vital question to ask next to looking at the contract. It is vital, because in order to get the best shots, he can’t assume what the lighting and the set-up is going to be like. He needs to know exactly what the ceremony locale set-up is like so he is prepared with the right equipment.
  • Pay attention to how fast he returns your phone calls. If he takes a week or more to return your call before he is hired, then he doesn’t need your money that bad.
  • Does he carry back up batteries and equipment?

In my opinion you should compare at least three of them, no matter how good the first one sounds. After that compare price vs. quality and you should be on your way.

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