Saving Big on Wedding Photography

When you’re getting married, the cost of wedding pictures and video taping can be expensive. In particular, if you hire a professional photographer or want to have special albums made, the cost can be thousands of dollars. That said, if you start planning early enough, there are several things you can do in order to reduce your costs.

Look for an amateur or hobbyist photographer

Amateur photographers can be very talented, but will likely cost significantly less than professional photographers in your area. However, choose one with as much care as you’d put into choosing a professional photographer. Ask to see portfolios of their work and, if possible, try them out ahead of time. If you’re really on top of it, book an amateur photographer you like to do your engagement pictures. If you aren’t happy with the quality, simply try another photographer until you find someone who will work for your wedding day.

Ask for digital images

Regardless of the level of skill, choose a photographer that offers digital images. Digital photography has come so far in the last few years that any pictures taken with this method will be nearly indistinguishable from traditional film prints. However, the difference is that if you want any type of retouching done to your pictures, it will be much more costly to adjust traditional prints. If you have digital files, you can manually crop and edit them on your own. From there, you can have them printed in almost any department store or pharmacy, instead of paying for film development.

Make use of department store photo services

Walmart and many other department stores offer in-store photo services that you can use for wedding pictures. While they likely won’t be able to come on site on the day of your wedding, you can be photographed in your wedding clothes on several suitable backgrounds in the studio. Because the photographers that work in these studios take thousands of pictures each month, you’ll be getting a professional photographer at an affordable price and you can take as many pictures as you need to until you’re satisfied.

Budget Videos

Unfortunately, wedding videos must be taken on your actual wedding day, so you can’t save money by filming them ahead of time. However, you can still find amateur videographers that will give you a reasonable quality video at a much more realistic price. In some cases, you may even decide that it’s best to rely on friends and family members to capture a wide range of special wedding moments. These people know you best and may have a perfect sense of what to capture during your wedding.


Strangely enough, assembling photos into albums can be one of the costliest parts of a wedding photo package. That said, if you do some browsing online, you can purchase a wide range of empty photo albums and have them on-hand to fill yourself. Once the photos are printed, you can simply decide for yourself which ones to include, as well as where to place them.

Wedding photos and videos are items that you’ll cherish for years to come. However, there are many other parts of your wedding that deserve your attention and adequate budgeting. By planning ahead and pitching in on the work, you’ll able to get your wedding pictures and videos at a fraction of the expected cost.

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