Budget Wedding Transportation

Unfortunately, transportation to the church and the reception hall is one of the most overlooked parts of a wedding. As a result, last minute plans often include expensive services – or none at all. If you want to have the wedding of your dreams at a price you can afford, it’s important to allow enough time to make arrangements with a transport service.

The Limousine

For the most part, you’ll need to rent limousines from a special service. Typically, these services include a driver and a number of other amenities in the rental price. You’ll want at least one limousine for the bride, and possibly another for the groom on the way to the church, depending on where you’re getting ready. Once the services are over, you may want to have just one limousine to transport the bridal party to the reception site.

This service can be expensive, but there are a number of ways to save on your limousine rental. Of course, it’s important to look for coupons and other discounts. You may also earn a discount by referring additional business to the limousine service. Perhaps you have friends who will also be married soon, or relatives who will be celebrating a major anniversary? If you can get them to reserve limousine services through the same company, they’ll likely add a discount to your rental fees.

Other Rental Agencies

Don’t be limited by limousines – you can also rent vehicles for your wedding from a variety of auto rental agencies. Check with local auto dealers to make arrangements to use showroom models or call car rental agencies to see if they offer any luxury models. If your wedding party is small, you may be able to transport them in one car – just be sure to arrange for a driver. Most auto rentals won’t provide one, and you may not be able to drive in your dress!

Interestingly enough, some taxi services also have limousines and luxury cars available. That said, you may have to call several of them before you find one that can help you out. It may also be useful to call your local airlines, and see if they know of any car rental services that you can use. In some cases, the airport may have limousines available as part of their shuttle service for celebrities clients, or others that are willing to pay for them.

Alternative Cars

In addition to rides to the church, you may want to provide transportation from the ceremony site to the reception hall or between the hall and local hotels if you’ll be serving alcohol at your reception. Try calling local bus services to see if they have shuttle busses available for rent, or try to find a classic car club in your area. The members of these groups may be happy to act as a shuttle service in exchange for the opportunity to show off their hobby cars.

As you consider how you’ll get to the church and reception hall, you may find that economical options are limited. The cost of gas and rental fees can be high enough to make you seriously consider using smaller cars, or even letting people drive their own. That said, if you have your heart set on limousine service, or some other type of luxury car, leave extra time to investigate all your different options and to wait for special deals and incentives to come up.

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