Budget Wedding Rings and Accessories

As you begin your wedding planning, you’ll notice that there are some wedding items that are harder to find on a budget than others. Typically, these are the items that will only be used by one member of the wedding party, or ones that you can’t find easily in traditional wedding shops. As you might expect, waiting until the last minute makes it much harder to find a good value for your money – so don’t put off shopping for these items!

Wedding Rings

You’ll probably want to wait to purchase wedding rings until you’ve looked at a wide selection of them – so keep the following things in mind. Look in both online and offline jewelry stores and try on as many sizes and colors as possible to get a feel for what you like. You’ll also need to decide whether you want the rings engraved or not. If you find rings you like online, it may be to your advantage to purchase them and have them engraved locally. If other wedding costs wind up exceeding your budget, you can choose not to have the rings engraved but will still have them available for your ceremony.

Bridal Veils

For the most part, you’ll need to go to a regular bridal shop in order to find bridal veils. That said, if you can’t find a suitable veil in your neighborhood, you may want to see what’s available online, although you won’t be able to see how it looks on you before you buy. You can also check to see if any friends or family members have a veil you can borrow, or ask the clergy associated with your church if they can be of help. They may know of recently married couples that may be willing to lend you a bridal veil.

Prayer Missles

If you’re having a religious ceremony, you’ll want to remember the wedding service, special prayers, and Bible passages read at your ceremony with a prayer missle. That said, specially designed wedding missles can be expensive, so check to see what’s available through your church. Even if you choose to purchase a simple paperback version of your ceremony, you’ll at least have the information you want to preserve. In addition, there are a number of print-on-demand book publishers online that may be able to design a hard cover book with full color illustrations for a fraction of the cost of your church.

Clothing for Flower Children

Just like clothing for bridesmaids, it’s likely you’ll want to cover the expense of clothing for any flower children in your ceremony. In many cases, you’ll find that it’s both feasible and enjoyable to make these outfits yourself. But if you’re on a tight schedule or have limited sewing skills, it may be best to try and rent these gowns or look for second hand items for sale.

Although you probably have a list of all of the things you need for your wedding, there are some things that tend to get set aside until the last minute. In some cases, you may find yourself with a list of fairly expensive items to find – even though your budget’s already been spent. Take the time to put together a thorough list from the outset and review it on a regular basis. Managing your accessories and extra items with care will help reduce your stress and save you money.

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