Saving Money on Wedding Favors and Gifts

Even though you aren’t expected to spend tons of money on wedding favors, it’s still important to make sure that each person has a small favor to remember your special day. In addition, it’s also customary to express your gratitude to the clergy, best man, bridesmaids, and other key participants in the wedding with a small gift. However, finding suitable items may be every bit as difficult as holiday shopping!

Make Your Own Wedding Favors

You can save a tremendous amount of money on wedding favors by simply making your own! Making your own favors can be as simple as putting a mix of candies in cellophane or foil wrapping and finishing it off with streamers or a small card. You can find all the items you’ll need to make your favors in craft stores and dollar stores in your area. Just be careful – the more elaborate you make your favors, the more time it’ll take to make them all. Be careful to budget your time as well as your money.

Finding Other Items in Dollar Stores

If you want each person attending your wedding to have something memorable, there are a number of other things you can choose from beyond candy favors. Take a trip around your local dollar store and see if anything catches your eye. You may find small figurines that you like or votive candles that you can personalize with stickers or printed ribbons. Wrap these items in cellophane as you would with candies and you’re guests will never guess that you only spent a few dollars on your favors.

Gift Cards

Typically, you’ll want to give members of your wedding party, parents and officiants a more expensive gift as thanks for participating in your special day. However, you may not know specific individuals well enough to know what gifts they might enjoy receiving. Therefore, it may make sense to give these people gift cards to popular department stores or book stores. Aside from being easy to wrap, you’ll also find that you can easily set a budget amount and stick to it.

Searching Online

In some cases, you may know exactly what you want to buy for specific members of your wedding party. For example, if you want to give your bridesmaids matching jewelry sets, your biggest challenge will be finding something that fits in your budget. If you look online for these items, you’ll find many more closeout or discounted items, and you’ll also have a wider selection to choose from. Depending on the type of item you plan to purchase, you may also want to check classified ads and flea markets for second-hand or vintage gifts.

Surprisingly enough, wedding favors and gifts are a relatively easy part of your budget to control, since you don’t need to be concerned about purchasing unique or expensive items for your wedding. Depending on your budget, you may be able to mix and match more expensive items, or use gift cards as a way to manage your budget, while giving recipients a chance to spend the money as they please. That said, you’ll want to start shopping for these items fairly early on in order to take advantages of sales or other discounts as they become available.

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