Affordable Dishes and Silverware for Your Wedding

If, like many women, you’ve been dreaming about your wedding day since you were five years old, you know how important it is to make sure that all of your guests have matching dishes, glasses, and silverware. The last thing you want to do is use paper or plastic plates in order to save a few dollars. Therefore – whether you decide to rent or buy – finding affordable dishes and silverware for your wedding is very important.

Rented Items

If you live near any decently-sized city, it should be possible for you to rent your dishes and silverware. To snag a better deal than you’ll get on your own, ask your caterer or restaurant to rent these items for you – as industry members, they’ll likely have access to special discounts from vendors they work with regularly. If your reception is going to be at a hotel, they may also be willing to include these items for an additional fee – or they may include these items for no extra charge.

Discounts and Closeouts

If you’d rather buy your own dishes and silverware, check to see what types of discount and closeout items are available – including both online and offline retailers. If there are any department or home goods stores near you that are going out of business, you may be able to negotiate with them to get an even better deal than what’s advertised. Once the wedding is over, you may also be able to sell off the extra items to future brides or catering companies in your area. You may also decide to simply save these items for future use!

Used Dishes and Silverware

If you like a more eclectic look, you can find all sorts of used dishes and silverware at flea markets and thrift stores. Unfortunately, it may take a bit of work to make sure that you have enough items for each member of your wedding party. In addition, you will also need to carefully inspect every item you buy to make sure it is free of chips and cracks.

You’ll also find great deals by searching online for used dishes and silverware. Among other things, you may be able to locate online flea markets and warehouses that have surplus items. If you can find a reputable discount merchant, you may also be able to find items in a wider variety of patterns.

Dollar Stores and Department Stores

Regardless of the dollar store you visit, chances are you’ll be able to buy dishes, bowls, and glasses in sufficient quantity for your reception. You’ll also want to compare prices with your local department store – you may find that it’s cheaper to purchase several sets of dishes at a department store, rather than buy them individually at a dollar store.

Most brides automatically assume that it’s best to rent dishes and silverware for their weddings. However, consider that dishes and silverware are often lost or broken – which can lead to extra charges from rental agencies. At the same time, if you buy these items for your wedding, you can always store them away for later use. You may even find that it’s cheaper to buy your dishes than to rent them!

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