Choosing a Wedding Dress Color

Even though most people in the United States think of white for wedding dresses, there are a number of other options to consider. In particular, if you come from a particular ethnic background, there may be other colors that are considered far more advantageous. The Chinese, for example, consider red wedding dresses to be symbolic of good luck and fortune for the bride. Don’t limit your dress color options simply because of what you’ve read in a bridal magazine or in other writings on the subject.

Wedding dress colors around the world

Before Queen Victoria chose to wear white, the color was often associated with death and mourning. Brides of this era typically wore their nicest dresses – whatever color they happened to be. As mentioned previously, many Asian cultures consider red as a highly auspicious color for a wedding dress. You may also find that some cultures prefer green or gowns that have many bright colors and decorations.

Therefore, choosing a wedding dress color isn’t as straightforward as you may have previously thought. As you might expect, you’ll need to think about your family and faith-based expectations, as well as which colors best enhance your appearance. While a bright red dress might suit your personality best, you may need to consider a white dress with a red sash if you come from a strictly conservative family.

Brightening up a plain dress

If you’ve chosen a plain, monochrome dress, there are plenty of ways to provide a little color variance. For example, if you’re going to wear a white dress, you may want to use different fabrics and designs in order to create some contrast. You may also want to use lace, satin, embroidery, beadwork, and various trims in different colors for this purpose. You may also want to consider where the ceremony will be performed, as well as the color of the tuxedo the groom will be wearing.

Finding a color that suits you

While many people think of stark white for wedding dresses, you can also use different shades to complement your complexion. For example, if you look good in blue, you may want to choose a white dress that has a pale blue tint to it. Even though the gown will still be white, the bit of extra color will help enhance your natural coloring. In a similar way, you can use white or cream colored accent pieces to tone down the impact of a brightly colored gown. For example, if you want a blue wedding gown, you may be able to use a darker shade for the bodice shell and then use white lace over it.

Today, there are still some cultural and ethnic restrictions that will determine what color wedding gown is acceptable. That said, in some situations, you can choose a different color or even a paler shade to achieve a workable compromise. On the other hand, the wedding dress that you choose is very much a personal matter. It may take some research and effort to find the perfect color and accent pieces to help you achieve the look you’re going for.

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