Pot-Luck Wedding Receptions

When you come back from a wedding and are asked how it was, you typically talk about the music, the people, and the food. The quality and taste of the food are sometimes determinants of the quality and taste of the wedding reception. And to achieve a satisfied palate for your guests, you usually have to pay a pretty penny.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. Recently, pot-luck weddings – where each guest brings something to eat to the wedding – are becoming increasingly popular as a way to keep food costs low at a wedding while still providing a delicious, filling meal for your guests.

Think about the costs that go in to organizing a catered meal for your guests. Meals usually have multiple courses, and for let’s say, 100 people, you pay for 100 salads and 100 entrees in advance whether someone likes salad or not. For the entrée, there is always more than one option in an attempt to accommodate vegetarians and others who prefer certain types of meat over others. And if you try to go for less expensive options or with less expensive caterers, the quality of your food will suffer, and so will the quality of your reception.

So how can a pot-luck reception fit with your wedding goals?

First, just because the food isn’t catered by a professional, it doesn’t mean you will be skimping out on the quality. Some of your friends and family are known for certain dishes, and this way you can have an eclectic variety of food that will fit all your guests’ dietary preferences.

Second, you can still remain in control of the food choices as you would with a catered meal. Rather than going to food tasting appointments at the hotel, you can taste your friends’ concoctions and decide the range and variety of foods you want to have at your wedding.

Third, a pot-luck wedding is a perfect avenue for having a buffet for your guests. While buffets are sometimes viewed as less formal than sit-down meals, they are very guest-friendly, giving everyone a broad menu of options. Furthermore, you will invest less in waiting staff with a buffet since your guests help themselves; perhaps only a staff for clean-up is necessary. Last, since buffets require your guests to get up and walk around, you will see a lot of mingling and action at your wedding, rather than stiff, seated persons who only get up to use the restroom.

Fourth, with everyone bringing food to the wedding, it will provide for a sense of community and spirit among your guests. They will be more than happy to participate in your special day, and their joy will be infectious among all guests. When everyone is working together for a common cause, the unity and sharing will truly add to the festiveness of your wedding reception.

Overall, pot-luck weddings are a unique way to keep food costs low but still put on a memorable, joyous reception. If you were hoping for a casual wedding anyway, especially one that takes place at home or outside (and probably doesn’t ask for black tie attire), then homemade food brought by your guests is a smart, delicious way to save money on your wedding.

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