Making Your Own Budget Wedding Favors

Let’s face it – wedding favors are getting out of hand! What started as a simple way to help your guests remember your special day has evolved into engraved cups and personalized gift bags, all of which will cost you big bucks. Stop the madness! Protect your budget and your sanity with the following homemade wedding favor ideas:

Simple and Sweet

One of the simplest wedding favors you can offer your guests is a small bag of candies, personalized with your names and wedding date. Plus, these tasty treats will help your guests pass the time between the ceremony and the reception meal.

To start, you’ll need several yards of colored tulle fabric and matching ribbon, both of which can be picked up at a fabric or craft store. You’ll also need several bags of candies – M&Ms, Jordan almonds and Hershey kisses all work well. Just make sure that the candies are individually wrapped or otherwise protected from melting into each other. Cut the fabric into 8″ x 8″ squares and pile a small amount of candy in the middle, then gather the outer edges of the fabric together and tie them with the ribbon. Place one at each place-setting at your reception for your guests to enjoy.

Photo Memories

Offering guests a way to take home a picture of your wedding is a great way to help personalize your event. Swing by your local dollar store and pick up a small picture frame for each family or couple that’s attending your wedding. Set up a special table at your wedding with a Polaroid camera and the frames and invite guests to take a picture with you to place in the frame.

A few notes to help make this a success. First, consider setting out a set of instructions to help guests figure out what to do, or consider asking a family friend to make an announcement to guests before you arrive at the reception. And purchase a few extra frames, just in case some of your guests miss the “one frame per family” rule.

Gifts that Grow

Another great idea for budget wedding favors is to give your guests packets of flower seeds to take home and plant in honor of your wedding. Seed packets can be found in your local home and garden store for $1 or $2 a piece, and – depending on which flowers you’ve chosen for your wedding – you may be able to get flower seeds that are the same as the flowers in your bouquet.

If you have a little bit extra to spend, you can also pick up small terra cotta flower pots for $.50-$1.00 each. Use paint to decorate the outsides of the pots with your names and wedding date, then stick the flower seeds in the pot and place them on the tables at your reception. At some point during the night, ask your guests to plant them when they get home to create fond memories of your special day.

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