How to Hire a Student Musician for Your Wedding

While the wedding ceremony allows family and friends to witness your commitment to one another, the reception occurs so that they can share in your joy. Wedding receptions give the two families a chance to mingle and learn more about one another while having a good time. As they say, music sets any mood, so the band or musician you choose should be excellent. With that said, it’s not always an easy task to find the perfect entertainer for your reception.

In most cases, a professional musician will cost quite a bit of money and will have very strict demands about what they’re willing to perform. It may also be hard to find a professional that has your date available, as many of the best musicians book up quickly for popular wedding dates. However, there is another option. In many cases, you can find an excellent student musician to perform for your reception. Students often provide the same quality of entertainment, at a much cheaper cost to you.

When searching for a student performer, the best way to go about finding them is to advertise your need for a musician. Since most student musicians don’t advertise their services, you’ll have to go out of your way to find them. You can use community bulletin boards or try putting an ad in your local newspaper. Another way to find a student is to contact a local college music program. Many times, the teachers or staff will be able to recommend a student or group of students who would be perfect for a wedding reception.

Once you’ve identified a possible option, you’ll want to meet with the student to ask a few questions and hear them play. Of course, you need to know the basic information, such as how long have they been playing and what their preferred genre of music is. But there are other questions as well. Ask the student if they have ever performed before – you don’t want stage fright to be an issue. Also ask if they have their own band equipment and what their space requirements are. Be sure to ask if they have their own play list or if they will be comfortable with yours. Most of the time, this will help you weed out any individuals that aren’t ready for public performances.

After you’ve finished with your questions, ask the student to play a piece or two for you, so that you can get a feel for his or her skill level. If you like what you hear, ask the student for references. One of the reasons some people are worried about hiring a student is reliability. By speaking with the people who have previously hired the student, you can be sure that you’re hiring students who treat their commitments like professional musicians. After all, you don’t want to be at your reception and not have the band show up!

If you’re comfortable with your decision, ask about the student’s rate for the evening. Many times you’ll have to haggle to see what the best rate you get is. While you don’t want to spend a fortune on any aspect of your wedding, the musician won’t play for free either. No matter how personable the student is, stick to your budget. If you go over budget in this aspect of the wedding, you’re more likely to go over in other areas as well.

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