How to Save Money on Your Wedding Cake

Every woman has dreams of what her wedding day will be like – she can picture the dress, the chapel, and even the cake. Most can even envision the bride and groom dancing on top of the cake in the traditional white gown and tuxedo. With any wedding reception, the cake is always the focal point. You could have ice sculptures, crystal punch bowls, and a famous rock band – the guests will still “ooh” and “ahh” over the cake.

However, not every woman can afford to spend thousands on the cake alone. This can seem like a devastating issue to a nervous bride, but there are solutions when you’re planning a wedding on a budget – you don’t always have to sacrifice glamour for price. There are many ways to get that “oh so perfect cake” without breaking the bank. As long as the cake is beautiful and everyone gets a piece, who cares how much it cost?

When considering the size of the cake, you can consult a local bakery to see what size yields the most pieces. You may find that purchasing a sheet cake, instead of a traditional tiered cake, will feed all your guests for much less money. Make sure whichever style you choose has enough pieces for every guest, plus a few extras – there’s always the inevitable piece that hits the floor and needs to be replaced. In addition, make sure you have someone on-hand who knows how to cut the cake as well, as a cake’s yield is determined by the way it’s cut. If you plan just right, you can save yourself money by not buying more cake than you need.

The ingredients that make up the cake will also add to the cost. In most cases, the frosting and decorations chosen for the cake will be your largest fee. After all, flour is always flour, right? In most cases, you can choose a butter cream frosting to save on cost. Your other options would be fondant or marzipan, but most people agree that butter cream has a better taste. The other thing to consider is whether to have the cake include a filling or not. While a filling can be a tasty addition to any cake, it can cost significantly more, depending on your choice.

After you’ve chosen all the tasty aspects of the cake, it will be time to decide on decorations. Very few brides realize how quickly these expenses add up, or how much of the total cake cost can be attributed to decorations alone. Some cake boutiques or bakeries hire professional decorators to come in and create signature styles, which can include real jewels and even gold dust. When it comes to choosing these styles, the cake design can often cost more than your dress!

However, there are simpler ways to make a very elegant cake. You might consider using edible flowers or ones that aren’t harmful for decoration. You could even choose flowers that will match your wedding bouquets. Another great idea is to choose imitation crystal pieces to decorate the cake. You can typically find these items at bridal and wedding supply shops. You could even consider having a family member or friend design the cake to save a little cash. In this case, be sure to ask for examples of what they can do before accepting their services.

There are many ways to save on the costs of a wedding cake, so budget brides need not fear. Besides, in the end it is the event – not the frills and details – that matters most.

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