Live Musicians Verses DJs – Which to Choose for Your Wedding?

A wedding is a wonderful and joyous time in anyone’s life, but there are many different components that go into the perfect wedding day. You’ll want beautiful flowers, a gorgeous dress, and of course, the right type of music. Music sets the mood for your unforgettable day, but what’s the best way to go when choosing your music? Should you hire a live singer or band or get a cool DJ to play music during your reception? While much of your decision depends on you and your partner’s personal preferences, there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Live Musicians

There’s something about a live musical performance that you can’t get with a DJ. You not only get to hear the music, but you get to see the actual performers and enjoy the ambiance they provide. You can either dance to the music or just watch the live musicians as they entertain, if dancing isn’t your cup of tea. Your guests will be captivated by the festive sights and sounds of a live band.

However, live music can be much more expensive than hiring a DJ – especially if you want to hire a full band. You can cut costs by hiring student musicians, just be sure to audition them carefully beforehand. Ask for recommendations from their former clients to be sure you’re hiring respectable students, not a group that will bail on you at the last minute. The last thing you want is for your wedding to be disrupted by no-show musicians!

Another thing to consider is the style of music you’d like to have played at your wedding and reception. If you’re into big band or jazz music, you won’t have any trouble booking live musicians for your wedding. However, if you’d like to have more popular music played at your reception, you may want to consider a DJ instead of a live band.


Flexibility is one thing that a DJ can offer that a live band can’t always deliver. The setup time for a band is usually more complex, so if your wedding and reception will be held in two separate locations, it will be easier for a DJ to setup more quickly than a live band. In addition, a live band will typically take more breaks than a live DJ, so a DJ can keep your guests dancing longer.

Another thing is to consider is that DJs often specialize in wedding performances, while a band may not have as much experience in this arena. A good DJ knows how to blend into a crowd, while keeping the fun of the event going. A DJ can offer a huge variety of music from oldies to more modern day music, depending on your tastes. Finally, a live band may have to cancel if something comes up for a band member, whereas a DJ usually has another trained back-up DJ to take his or her place.

Obviously, there are good and bad reasons to choose both a live band and a DJ. Your decision should come down to several factors. You have to decide which musician will better suit your personal tastes and event. For instance, if your wedding will be a formal, elegant event, you may want to hire a live orchestra band to help create a more sophisticated mood. If you’re having a reception with a wide range of guests, or if your personal tastes lean more towards popular music, you might choose a DJ. No matter what type of musical entertainment you decide to use, your friends and family are sure to have a wonderful time!

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