Red is the New White – Choosing a Wedding Dress Color

Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important decisions a bride will make. Before the flowers or bridesmaids dresses can be chosen, the bride first has to decide on her own dress. However, selecting a wedding dress is also the hardest choice to make in some cases, especially considering the wide range of colorful options available to modern brides. Although the headlines may read “Red is the New White,” your family and friends may not agree. If you aren’t sure that stark white is your color, there are many things to consider when making your choice.

Many cultures actually prefer a bright and colorful wedding dress. In some cultures, red is a sign of happiness or prosperity, while in America it means something totally different. The biggest factor you’ll need to consider is the way your family, church, and friends will respond to your choice. Of course, your wedding dress color is completely your choice, but ask yourself if you want your wedding to be the one brought up as the comparison to other weddings for the next ten years. If you come from a conservative family or faith, you may find it less stressful to just choose a traditional white dress.

However, if your family is accepting and thinks a colored dress would be great, go wild and pick whatever your heart desires. Red is becoming a more and more popular color for wedding gowns, so you’ll find many stores that offer complete red gowns. However, alternative brides are falling in love with colors across the spectrum, from green to blue to purple. Even orange can be pretty if you choose the right shade. When you’re choosing a color, make sure you match the shade to your skin tone – there’s nothing worse than looking washed out in all of your wedding photos!

If your dress has to be white, consider that white and off white dresses also comes in many different shades. You might even choose a few shades for one dress. You can glamorize your dress with sequins, appliqués, lace, or even overlapping fabric patterns. Many of the most beautiful dresses on the market are made with a textured bodice and a simple silk skirt. You can also consider design as a way to dress up a plain white dress. Use a lace top on your bodice or back. You could also add satin buttons or decorative appliqués to your sleeves or back for an added accent.

If you aren’t able to create the look you want with a plain white or off-white gown, consider using accessories. You could use a colored sash or stone in your necklace to add color. Some brides have also used a colored lace showing at the bottom of the gown to add a splash of color. You could also consider adding colored accents to the dress. There’s no rule that sequins have to be pure white – ask a seamstress to add reflective white sequins to your gown to create a shimmering effect.

In the end, if you don’t feel you can create the look you want with a basic white gown, you may just have to sit down with your family and explain how happy it will make you to have your dress be non-traditional. After all, it is your special day and you may find that all they want is your happiness.

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