Hiring A Wedding Planner For A Destination Wedding

More and more people are opting to get married in exotic locations these days. Destination wedding are definitely on the upswing. Planning such an event, however, can definitely be a stressful ordeal, especially if you are the kind of bride-to-be who likes to take control of things. The easiest way to keep your cool during the wedding planning stage is to hire a professional. When it comes to destination weddings, this can be a lifesaver, as it is very difficult for you to micromanage what is going on in Hawaii or Italy from your home or office in a different state or continent. A wedding planner can definitely help.

Before Consulting the Professional

Do your homework before consulting a wedding planner. First, decide where you want your destination wedding to take place. The tropics are always a popular option, but some people prefer Europe. The choices are endless. If you are not sure about the big destination, check out wedding magazines and websites. See what different venues offer. You will see a wide variety of programs and packages. See what fits your needs. This part of the planning stage is totally up to the couple. Some places speak to you and others don’t. This is your wedding and you have to decide what you want. Once you come up with a country of choice, find out if you can be legally married there. To do this, contact your embassy and the tourism board in the country.

Consulting the Professional

Before you settle on a single wedding planner, make sure you speak to a few professionals. Comparison-shopping is a great idea when it comes to any aspect of your wedding. Ask your friends and family for references. Choose someone who has solid experience especially in the country or city where you plan to be married. After you meet a professional wedding planner, ask for names and contact information of their past clients. Call or email these couples and see what they have to say about their destination wedding.

After all, your wedding is your big day. Further, with destination weddings prices can go up quickly and therefore you need to be wise in your decisions and stick to your budget. Ask an on-site wedding planner about the different packages that are available. This professional will give you a list of what is included in each package to make life easier for you. This also helps to avoid surprise expenses. Make sure you ask about everything, because destination weddings can include all kinds of surprises. Further, ensure that the wedding planner be at the wedding. He or she is the one would best know how to handle mishaps and unexpected circumstances.

Be very clear when you talk about the rate of the wedding planner. These professionals charge an hourly or flat rate, or a percentage of the wedding budget. It varies from one planner to the next.
Just because you have someone taking care of the event, it does not mean that you can sit back and relax. Try to visit the wedding site at least two times during the planning stage. It might mean flying off to Hawaii or France. Do it to make sure that you have the destination wedding of your dreams.

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