Destination Weddings: Controlling Stress

Some people might think that a destination wedding does not involve too much thinking and stress since the bride is usually far away in another region or country. This is not true. As in the case of all kinds of weddings, those taking place in different locations also affect stress levels and nerves. Destination weddings involve stressful situations like travel arrangements and marriage regulations of different countries. The faraway location can make some brides edgy, as well.

Hire Professionals

In order to reduce stress, try getting professionals involved. Instead of sifting through travel sites in your quest to find the right deal, book hotel and airfare through a travel specialist. Let’s face it. There are many situations that could literally ruin your wedding. The last thing you need to worry about when you are about to be wed is a flight cancellation that might leave your maid of honor stuck in an airport thousands of miles away. You can even be stuck with no flight for a couple of days. You never know what might go wrong. A travel specialist has access to the ins and outs of the industry. Travel is a big part of destination weddings. A professional would be able to iron out any kinks when it comes to flights and hotels.

Further, it is also wise to hire a wedding planner for the event. If you are concerned about the cost of this service, do not worry, as there are professionals who are not very expensive. Do your research and find what is right for you. Some destination wedding sites have an in-house coordinator or you may need to hire one independently. Either way, this person will help with decorations, entertainment, catering, and much more. This will help reduce your stress levels.

The wedding site may be far away, but make sure you visit it at least twice during the planning stage. Always remember that the venue might not look exactly like the picture. Bring yourself some peace of mind by seeing the place with your own eyes either before or after the wedding. While you are there, you can taste the food that will be served (if applicable) and meet the wedding planner. Don’t hesitate from taking photos and ask all questions you have. If you cannot make the trip, ask your travel agent and other parties about the place. Further, do your online research. Call past clients and ask for their opinions. This is your wedding. Gather as much information as you can.

Arrive a Week or Two Early

The last thing you want to do is rush yourself before your big day. Therefore, give yourself a week (at least) or two (even more, if possible) to settle in. Remember that you might be flying to a place with a completely different time zone. Give yourself some time to get over jetlag and exhaustion, as well as to complete any marriage requirements and face other issues concerning your destination wedding.

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