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The state of the economy is all over the news right now, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a whole new crop of budget “how to” ebooks pop up in the market – and the wedding industry is no exception. Given that the average wedding currently costs more than $25,000, budget wedding planning info is definitely in demand. One of the more popular entries in this market is Amazing Wedding Planning, written by author Erica Yoon, who bills herself as a “renegade bride” who thumbed her nose at the wedding industry and saved over $10,000 on the cost of her wedding.

What You’ll Learn

As her website describes, Erica’s ebook, Amazing Wedding Planning reveals a number of secrets you can take advantage of to save money on your own wedding expenses, including everything from how to save money on catering, reception hall rental, dresses and more. In addition to offering cost-saving tips, her book gives a step-by-step overview of wedding planning, so that you know when to schedule things and what questions to ask each of your vendors – all of which can be very helpful to overwhelmed brides.


  • Great information – Erica has details on everything from getting manufacturer’s pricing on wedding dresses to slashing huge amounts off your catering and bar bills. Brides planning a traditional wedding really can save loads of money with her advice.
  • Bonus software – When you purchase Amazing Wedding Planning, you get access to special wedding software that can take a lot of the hassle out of planning your event. The software includes budget trackers, seating chart designers and lots of other tools that will make your life a whole lot easier!
  • Erica’s guarantee – A lot of businesses today offer money-back guarantees, but Erica takes it a step further. If you don’t save at least $1,000 on your own wedding expenses using her tips and tricks, Erica will refund the entire purchase price of the book, making it a pretty much risk-free purchase.


  • Non-traditional weddings need not apply – If you’re looking to save costs with a wedding at a local park or with food served potluck-style, this book isn’t for you. Instead, Amazing Wedding Planning revolves around getting the best deals on traditional wedding purchases, like dresses, banquet hall reservations and pricey floral bouquets.
  • Purchase price – At $39.95, Erica’s book costs more than what you’d spend if you went to the bookstore and picked up a book or magazine on budget wedding planning. Of course, with Erica’s guarantee that you’ll save at least $1,000 or you’ll get your money back, it’s definitely worth investing in.


Most people will argue that you could find a lot of Erica’s information online for free; but the truth is that you’d spend so long looking for it, you wouldn’t have enough time left to plan your wedding!

Long story short – I’d highly recommend purchasing a copy of Amazing Wedding Planning, especially if you’re planning a traditional wedding and need to save a few bucks. Even if you only wind up using one of her tips, you could still see several hundred dollars worth of savings.

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Please note that is a paid reviewer of this ebook.

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