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After a startling encounter with an unscrupulous wedding vendor, Melissa Burton decided she had to take action. The result was the Discount Wedding Guide, in which Melissa turns her frustrations with the wedding industry into information you can use to save money on your own big day. In addition to its money-saving tips, Melissa’s ebook offers a well-structured guide to every aspect of wedding planning. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the wedding planning process, her informative ebook may be just the thing you need to get back on track.

What You’ll Learn

The Discount Wedding Guide covers everything from deciding when to hold your wedding and where to spend your honeymoon to saving money on floral bouquets, reception hall rental and costly catering and alcohol bills. After reading Melissa’s ebook and the included bonuses, you’ll feel prepared to move forward with the decisions you need to make when planning your wedding. In fact, you may feel so confident in your knowledge that you’re comfortable foregoing a wedding planner – a decision that will set you off on the right money-saving foot.


  • Bonus Reception Planning Guide – In my opinion, one place that most wedding planning guides fall short is in the amount of attention paid to reception planning. After all, most guests will spend less than a half hour at your wedding, and anywhere from two to six hours at your reception. Melissa’s Discount Wedding Guide offers a great guide to putting together a fun, friendly reception that your guests will never forget.
  • Money-Saving Tips – Melissa writes this book with an insider’s perspective into the wedding industry, so it’s no surprise that she has some great tips on how to save money. Her advice on how to save money on wedding dresses and Groom’s tuxedos definitely saved money on my wedding.
  • CostThe Discount Wedding Guide, including three great bonuses, will only set you back $19.95 – basically, the cost of a large pizza delivered to your door. Plus, if you don’t like what you find, Melissa offers a 60-day money-back guarantee that you can take advantage of if you aren’t satisfied.


  • Jack of all Trades, Master of None – Melissa’s ebook provides a good overview of all aspects of the wedding planning process, but if you’re looking for advice on a single area – like how to save money on wedding dresses – you might be better of choosing a different resource.
  • Bonuses – Although the Reception Planning Guide is a great supplement to the Discount Wedding Guide, the other bonuses – a wedding planning guide and report on wedding traditions – fall a little short. The information in the wedding planning guide seemed to overlap with the ebook itself, while the report on wedding traditions seemed a little out of place. Don’t get me wrong – the information is useful – it just seems as though other authors have done a better job at providing unique, complementary materials.


While Melissa’s book is fine, if you can only purchase one, there are better options on the market (check out Wedding Planning on a Budget). If, however, you’re like me and want to know learn everything you can about the wedding planning process, the Discount Wedding Guide can be a great addition to your “big day” library – especially at the low price of $19.95.

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