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Julie White’s ebook, the Master Wedding Planning Guide, is one of a number of budget wedding planning advice books that have popped up recently in response to the economic recession. Julie, a professional writer with years of wedding planning experience, has put together a solid book with plenty of information on how to plan a wedding – and save money while you’re at it. Although it isn’t the best ebook on the market – my opinion, of course! – it can be a good starting place for brides who haven’t yet done much research into the process of wedding planning.

What You’ll Learn

As the title suggests, the Master Wedding Planning Guide is about more than just saving money on your wedding – you’ll find complete details on how to plan and execute your wedding as well. In the book, Julie answers 250 of your “most pressing” wedding questions, covering everything from inviting children to the wedding to how and where to register for gifts. Julie also shares advice on how to get the best deals on the many purchases you’ll make, and provides you with step-by-step instructions for many aspects of the wedding planning process.


  • Varied information – The Master Wedding Planning Guide is more than just a budget wedding planning book. It offers lots of other information related to planning your big day, including tips on everything from designing seating charts to handling cultural and religious differences.
  • Money saving tips – Julie does offer some helpful tips in the Master Wedding Planning Guide that, when applied to your wedding, will probably save you some money. Unfortunately, most of these tips can be found on just about any free wedding website, but it is nice to have them all consolidated into one downloadable file.
  • Bonuses – Like many others, Julie offers several bonuses with the purchase of her ebook, including guides on how to throw bachelorette parties and wedding showers and how to reduce stress on your big day, which provide a nice complement to the information covered in her book.


  • Information lacks originality – Honestly, the most frustrating part of this ebook for me was that I felt like I’d read all the information before – probably online, for free. While I picked up a few unique tips from the book, the amount of original information included in the Master Wedding Planning Guide pales in comparison to some of its competitors, including my favorite – Wedding Planning on a Budget.
  • Cost – Although you can get the downloadable version for $37 currently, the website claims that this is only a limited-time advertisement – the price could revert back to its original $59.95 at any point. And while $37 seems high, $59.95 is downright outrageous when you could get a similar book at any local bookstore for a third of the price.


I think that the answer to the question of whether or not you should purchase this book depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re utterly overwhelmed by the process of planning a wedding, this could be a good place to start. If, however, like most brides, you’ve spent any time at all on free wedding websites like, you might find that the information in the Master Wedding Planning Guide feels strangely familiar…

And if you’re looking for specific details on how to save money on your big day, do yourself a favor and check out Wedding Planning on a Budget instead. Although the Master Wedding Planning Guide has some tips on how to save money, you’ll find that other books offer a much more comprehensive guide on cutting costs.

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