Planning a Wedding in an Economic Recession

There’s no doubt that a traditional wedding is expensive – especially considering that the average wedding costs $20,000 or more. In today’s economy, it can seem like everything costs way too much when you’re planning a wedding and trying to get by on a shoestring budget. It may even make eloping seem like a good idea! However, you don’t have to take such drastic measures. There are many ways to save money on your wedding, and still throw an affair to remember.

The Venue

If the venue you had your heart set on is charging a steep price, take a moment to decide whether or not you’d be comfortable having your wedding elsewhere. Consider an outdoor wedding at a lake, park, or other beautiful setting. Your family’s church, the city’s community center, or even some hotel ballrooms can all be significantly less expensive than a formal banquet facility. Choose the facility that best fits with your ideas for your wedding, while still staying within your budget.

The Wedding Dress

Believe it or not, the cost of wedding dresses has dropped considerably in the last year. You can find gorgeous wedding dresses in many stores for just a few hundred dollars, or browse through the thousands of dresses available on online auction sites being sold for a fraction of their retail prices. If you can forego the dress that costs thousands and feel lovely in a dress for a few hundred dollars, it’s definitely worth the money saved.

The Flowers

Choosing flowers that are in season will save a lot of money on your floral arrangements, and buying locally will also help to lower the cost. If you absolutely must have expensive orchids or calla lilies in your wedding, consider featuring these flowers in your bouquet and using less expensive flowers in your floral decorations.

The Reception

Contrary to popular belief, your wedding reception doesn’t need to break the bank. Again, choose a venue for your reception that is practical and beautiful, but maybe a little less expensive than a formal reception hall. Many people hold their wedding receptions in their private homes, while others take advantage of cheaper facilities, like church or community halls. Of course, your options will be limited by the number of guests you invite. Cutting your guest list down by just 10% can help reduce your costs significantly.

Also, do your best to trim your food budget down. While all of us would love to have five-course gourmet meals, speak to your caterer about some less expensive options. An alternative wedding meal, like a wedding lunch or dessert reception can be just as much fun for a lot less money.

Consider a Destination Wedding

If you’ve ever thought about getting married on a beach in the Caribbean, you might be surprised to find out that these destination weddings are often cheaper than their traditional counterparts. You may be able to find a wedding package that includes the ceremony, the reception, your honeymoon suite, and even airfare to the destination. This type of wedding works best for couples who have shorter guest lists, as wedding guests typically arrange for their own travel and hotel stay. All of this together can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

While trying to save money when planning your wedding may seem like a chore, it’s really not that difficult if you follow the above tips. Everyone has been hit by hard times lately, and with the economy, it only makes sense not to go into debt to finance your wedding. Allowing for a few compromises here and there will quickly add up to massive savings for you.

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