Alternative Wedding Meal Options

The wedding meal can be one of the most frustrating parts of a wedding to plan. Some people have food allergies; while others can’t eat a particular food due to their religious beliefs. Still others won’t ever be happy, no matter what your serve. It’s important to remember that the meal should be something that you and your fiancé like – don’t concern yourself so much with trying to please everyone else. People’s tastes very too much and it simply won’t happen. The following are several alternative wedding meal options that can help you save money, while ensuring that your guests are happy with the food choices.

The Wedding Brunch

This option is becoming more and more popular, in part because they tend to be much less expensive than full dinners. The types of food served usually include a variety of breakfast and lunch dishes, such as scrambled eggs, club sandwiches, and fresh fruit. Served buffet style, this allows your guests to pick and choose the food they’re comfortable with. Be sure your food choices are labeled if they contain peanuts, seafood, or pork, as many people are allergic to these items, or can’t eat them due to their religious beliefs.

The Wedding Breakfast

A wedding breakfast is also a terrific idea for people who plan to marry later in the day. You can always plan the wedding breakfast for the morning of the wedding, or if you’re delaying your honeymoon, for the day after. Once again, offer the breakfast as a buffet. You may want to include such breakfast favorites as pancakes, waffles, bacon, ham, eggs, and fruit. This type of wedding meal is perfect for a less formal event, and you’ll find that many of your guests love this unique idea.

The Wedding Lunch

Less formal than a traditional wedding affair, a wedding lunch can be a great idea if you have several friends and family members who have a long return trip home after the wedding. For this type of meal, consider finger sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, and simple desserts. It’s not as complicated to plan as a traditional wedding dinner – as well as much less expensive – and you may find that people are simply more at ease with this type of meal.

The Wedding Dessert Reception

The wedding dessert reception is a rather new concept, but it’s quickly gaining in popularity, since most everyone loves a good dessert. In addition to the wedding cake, you can serve a multitude of sweets and fruits. Try to keep the desserts limited to those that aren’t difficult to serve, like brownies, cookies or small candies. Also, avoid anything really “drippy” to help protect your guests from making a mess of their clothes. Choosing to go with a wedding dessert reception can save a lot of money, since a plate of brownies is much less expensive than steak dinners for every one of your guests.

While your wedding meal is an important part of your event, make sure you don’t drive yourself completely crazy planning it. Keeping it simple doesn’t mean that it will look cheap – it just means you’ll have more time to plan the ceremony and the honeymoon!

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