Budget Winter Weddings

If cutting wedding costs is your priority, then you should consider winter weddings. Summertime may be the hottest wedding season, with the month of June being a popular month, but if you are on a budget, you might want to consider getting married in the wintertime. You will not believe the bargains you will find. It might be a low season for marriages, with beach weddings and destination weddings at a lull, but it is the high season for bargain worshippers. Check out these tips that will help you keep costs low during the colder months.

When it comes to wedding attire, including the bridal gown and the bridesmaids’ dresses, look online for great deals. Search through online wedding stores and see what they have to offer in their sale and clearance sections. You will be surprised to see the wonderful bargains you will find there. Considering the season, your bridesmaids would look great in deep jewel-toned colors, like royal blue, rich red, and emerald green. Summertime might have its pastels and light fabrics, but rich shades look best during the wintertime.

Concerning decorations, you have a quite a few wonderful options for a winter wedding. Incorporate the season’s nature into the décor. You can definitely find long and bare branches when you go outdoors. Take these branches and put them in large floor vases. Use floral foam to make them stay in place. With Christmas lights abound during the season, don’t forget to add them to the branches. These tiny lights can decorate your reception hall and turn it into a winter wonderland. You don’t even need to buy the lights. Ask your close friends and family if they have spares lying around. This is easier if your wedding takes place in the months of January or February, after Christmas. If you still need to purchase some lights, check out after-Christmas sales at your local stores and stock up on these items. If you will be having a December wedding, you can use ornaments, small Christmas trees, and more. Use your wedding colors to decorate the trees. When it comes to the flowers, remember to avoid off-season one, as they will be very expensive. If you want to cut back on the cost of arrangements, you can try more affordable variations like submerged floral centerpieces. Further, for December weddings, poinsettias and evergreen branches can be an option. January weddings would look great with white flowers and decorations, while February weddings would do well with red roses and details.

Flowers are not the only things that can reflect the month. You can also do this with favors. A December wedding favor can be an ornament with the bride and groom’s photo in it. A January favor can take on the winter wonderland theme. You can offer a small chocolate in a silver box with a white or silver bow. February weddings can offer wedding favors reflecting love and Valentine’s Day. How does a chocolate in a small gold box with a red bow sound?

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