Affordable Bridal Shoes

Bridal shoes may be hidden underneath the bridal gown for most of the wedding night, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot be proud of them. After all, they do grab the spotlight when the groom reaches in to get the garter belt. If you want to be comfortable all night long, be sure that you get a pair of shoes you like. They do not need to be expensive. Sure, some bridal shoes cost hundreds of dollars, but you do not need to indulge in those. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives that are just as cute as the pricey ones. Further, you can enhance your shoes to make them stand out. You don’t need to be crafty to do so. Just follow our tips and you will end up with fabulous shoes.

First, there are a few decisions you need to make before making a purchase. What style of bridal shoes do you want? Most brides wear pumps or strappy sandals in white or a color matching the wedding dress (if it is not white). High heels may look gorgeous, but they may be uncomfortable for some people. If so, opt for comfort and choose a low-heel sling-back sandal or ballet flats. You will be on your feet all night. You need to survive. Some brides buy their high-heeled shoes, and slip into something a little more comfortable as the night progresses. This may be a good option for you, if you enjoy the height and feel of a heel. While deciding on the style, remember a few helpful hints. If you are going to be standing on grassy areas, avoid satin shoes, as they will stain. If you are getting married in the summer heat, avoid leather pumps. Therefore, consider the wedding venue. Other than this, consider the wedding dress. Remember that the shoes come after the gown. Refrain from falling in love with a pair of wedding shoes first. The footwear should complement the dress. You need to consider the embellishments of the dress before settling on a pair of shoes.

After you decide on a general style, look through bridal shop catalogues, magazines, and the Internet for ideas. Takes notes on items you like. Do not trust your memory. Brides seem to forget things during the stressful wedding planning stage. Jot down valuable information like the store or website name, the style number or name of the wedding shoes, as well as the price. The Internet is a huge source when it comes to your wedding-related needs. You can do a lot of research online. You can find huge deals. You can also find deals in actual stores. Whether you are online or at a store in person, remember to avoid small boutiques. This is a general rule for brides looking for affordable bridal shoes. Discount shoe stores, large bridal chains, and sales and clearance sections of some department stores are your best bets.

If you don’t find a shoe you like, remember that you can work on it yourself. You can get strappy white sandals (which are not necessarily considered “bridal shoes”) and you can glue satin flowers to them. Another option is to buy simple white pumps and add rhinestone accessories to them. The choices are as endless as your creativity. It’s your wedding—add your personal touch to it.

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