Cheap Summer Wedding Favors

Every season comes with its signature wedding favors. Summer is no exception. With the sun, surf, and good vibes at a high, it is no wonder why this season, and particularly the month of June, is a hot wedding period. Whether you are having a beach wedding, a sunny destination wedding, or a wedding in your town, celebrate your union with special summer wedding favors. The good news is that you can be as frugal as you want. Summer favors have a special appeal to them and you don’t need to spend a fortune to deliver attractive favors to your guests.

Certain themes and colors characterize the season. Popular themes include ones that are inspired by gardens, beaches, tropics, nature, and more. When it comes to colors, your cheap summer favors will have a season-appropriate feel if they come in pastels, as well as white and shades of sea green and sky blue. In contrast, winter wedding favors look appropriate in colors like deep red, emerald green, and royal blue. As you notice, the colors of summer are light and carefree.

When it comes to the actual favors, you can decide to order them online or make them yourself. The Internet provides a vast array of wonderful choices. You can find some items at great prices or with a discount. Go online and search around, as you will come across many wonderful ideas. The Internet and budget weddings seem to go hand in hand.

A popular choice would be to buy Jordan almonds or another kind of candy and place them in pastel-colored organza bags or boxes. You can also put a single chocolate piece in a small box and tie it with a sheer white or pastel color ribbon. If you like to stray from tradition, you will be happy to know that you can still offer candy in less conventional containers. Perfect for the summer season are containers that come in the shape of palm trees and other seasonal staples. These are not only adorable, but they will definitely leave your guests with smiles on their faces. What a great way to thank them for being part of your special day!

Candles are also big during the season. They make ideal cheap summer favors. Gel candles, in particular, look quite fitting for the time of year. You can find transparent gel candles with seashells in them. You can also find gel candles filled in small margarita glasses—this would be great for a tropical destination wedding. The choices are endless and you have even more variety if you can manage to make the candles yourself. Imagine where your creativity and skills can take you. You can also pass out flower-shaped floating candles in lovely summer colors.

Many more items would make great and cheap summer wedding favors. Besides candy and candles, you can make a CD compilation with your favorite summertime love songs and give that to each guest. You can also make or find ready-made items with seashell decorations. These include small picture frames surrounded by seashells. Other affordable favor ideas include cookie cutters in the shape of dolphins, soaps in the shape of butterflies, and more.

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