DIY Wedding – How to Make Your Own Centerpieces

Flowers can be one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make for your wedding and reception. However, even if you have no previous experience working with floral arrangements, you can easily save money by putting together centerpieces that will highlight and brighten the room. When you make your own arrangements, you’ll have many different options in terms of design, style, colors, and materials. If you’re using silk flowers, you can make your centerpieces weeks or even months ahead of the wedding to save time. Or, if you need more help, you can always recruit your bridesmaids and spend a fun afternoon together putting together your centerpieces.

Choosing the Flowers

The flowers are, of course, the centerpiece of the centerpiece. You can use a single type of flower in a single color, or several different types all at once – depending on the color palette and mood you’ve chosen for your wedding and reception. If you don’t have a lot of experience arranging flowers, you might find it easiest to stick with one color and one type of flower. Of course, you’ll want the arrangement to compliment your wedding colors – typically, most people use the same flowers that are in their bridal bouquet for their centerpieces.

Choosing the Base

The base of the flower arrangement is also very important. You have many different options to choose from, such as a clay flower pot, a ceramic bowl, or heart-shaped vase. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s heavy enough to hold the weight of the finished arrangement, and that it matches the style of your wedding. For example, if you find clay pots or bowls you like, you can always spray paint them silver or gold to better match your wedding colors.

Adding the Extras

To finish your arrangements, you’ll need to take a trip to the craft store. Find floral clay, white craft glue, floral picks, floral wire, and ribbon. Take a look around the store – you may find some beautiful things to accessorize your centerpieces, and most will only cost a few dollars. For example, look for sprays of baby’s breath, or strings of tiny fake pearls or diamonds. When you have gathered all the materials you’ll need, sit down and start to create your centerpieces.

Creating the Centerpiece

First, place the floral clay in the bottom of your base. This will help add weight to the floral arrangement to keep it from tipping over. Next, start adding the flowers. You’ll want to keep the stems different lengths to add fullness, and it’s best to start in the middle with the flowers that have the longest stems. Then work towards the outside, placing flowers in mirror reflections of each side. This will help keep your centerpiece even. Don’t be stingy with the flowers – a full bouquet looks much better than a sparse one! For a sturdier arrangement, you can dip the ends of the stems in glue before pushing them down into the clay. This will bring the glue up around the stem where it meets the clay, creating a seal.

Once your flowers are secured, it’s time to get creative by adding in the extras you found. You can cover a longer floral stick with ribbon and wrap a small string of tiny pearls around it. Secure the ribbons and the pearls with just enough glue to hold. Add ribbons throughout the arrangement by attaching it to the floral sticks. Make sure the green of the stick is not visible, and don’t forget to add ribbon around the base, as well.

Now step back and admire your masterpiece. Don’t forget, you can always adjust the flowers and decorations as needed to create just the right look for your big day.

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